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Плагин MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

А в чем отличие между оригинальным и нуленым вариантом в данном случае?
Кто нибудь ставил плагин - Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся что бы обойти ограничения яндекс почты на лимит писем в день для ящика? Или там лимит для всех ящиков домена?
Mailster 2.3.5 - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
Version 2.3.5 (2018-05-01)

fixed: list assignments for some third party add ons
fixed: small bug fixes
fixed: changes were not saved if only modules were rearranged
fixed: ajax requests not working in some browser environments
fixed: improved display of subscribers overview page with many custom fields
fixes: export of subscribers not working on some servers
added: more tests
change: display Self Test menu entry if WP_DEBUG is enabled

Version 2.3.4 (2018-04-20)

fixed: prevent style blocks moved to body tag
fixed: buttons no longer get removed after click on cancel
fixed: Outlook conditional tags were removed
fixed: body attributes added via codeview are now preserved
fixed: small bug fixes
improved: better error handling on export
improved: more info for list confirmations
added: bulk option to confirm subscriptions
added: {lists} tag is now working in confirmation messages

Version 2.3.3 (2018-04-11)

fixed: pages were not editable
fixed: error if wp_get_attachment_metadata returns false
fixed: autoresponder query issue
fixed: small bug fixes
А как его самому занулить, кто-то может выложить здесь инструкцию?

UPD: решение найдено – Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся
Последнее редактирование:
Mailster 2.3.7 - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
Version 2.3.7 (2018-05-24)

new: option to add GDPR compliance forms on the privacy settings page.
added: search field for modules
added: mailster_profile_form and mailster_unsubscribe_formfilter
added: information to privacy policy text in WordPress 4.9.6
added: added Mailster data to Export Personal Data option in WordPress 4.9.6
added: added Mailster data to Erase Personal Data option in WordPress 4.9.6
fixes: various small bugs

Version 2.3.6 (2018-05-14)

new: Location based Segmentations
new filter: mailster_form_field_label_[field_id] to alter the label of form fields
improved: simplified location based tracking with auto update
improved: Export page now offers conditional export and saves defined settings.
improved: Delete page now offers conditional deletion.
change: active campaigns are now included in aggregated items in conditions
fixed: odd offset issue on hover in editor
fixed: importing emails with single quotes
fixed: JS error when switching back from codeview with no head section
fixed: do not redirect after unsubscribe
fixed: removing a user from a blog on a multi site now correctly removes subscriber
В файле mailster.class.php ищем значение:

public function is_verified( $force = false ) {

меняем на:
public function is_verified( $force = true ) {

удаляем от этой строки до:
return 'yes' == $verified;

перед последней вставляем:
$verified = 'yes';

В результате получается:

public function is_verified( $force = true ) {
$verified = 'yes';
return 'yes' == $verified;
Последнее редактирование:

не пойму, куда добавлять файл easy-plugin-installation.php ??