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Плагин MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

Mailster 2.3.16 - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
= Version 2.3.16 =
* new: option to choose original image in editbar (for animated gifs)
* fixed: wrong subscriber count in dashboard widget if assigned to multiple lists
* fixed: auto expanding of chart on dashboard
* fixed: title with quotes now escaped correctly
* fixed: calculation of images if height is set to "auto"
* fixes: template file selection on system mails are now respected correctly
* improved: wp_mail wrapper now supports to address in format name <email>
* improved: wp_mail handling of reply-to, BCC and CC fields
* improved: DNS checks on settings page now asynchronous
* improved: subscribers now get removed from the queue if a bounce happens
* improved: better warning on import for pending subscribers
* improved: auto responder data now stored if campaign is saved as draft
* improved: handling of script tags during sanitation
* added: `mailster_allowed_script_domains` and `mailster_allowed_script_types` filter hooks
* added: condition "is in list" for better segmentation
* added: option to re test a test
Доступна свежая версия Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress. Можно посмотреть информацию о версии 2.3.16 или обновить сейчас.
Достаточно запроса. Не нужно вываливать changelog. Захламляет тему и модеры могут почикать.
CodeCanyon - Mailster v2.3.17 - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress - 3078294 - NULLED
= Version 2.3.17 =

* added: `mailster_add_embeded_style` method to add custom embeded styles.
* added: option to enable sending usage statistics.
* fixed: issue with double quotes in background-image property
* fixed: correct saving of form option
* fixed: delivery issue with some third party apps
* improved: editor behavior when adding content in multiple areas.
* improved: styles added via `mailster_add(_embeded)_style` are now visible in the editor.
* improved: inline styles can now be skipped with an optional `data-embed` attribute
* improved: block comments now removed if present in the email
* improved: better action handling for mails opened on Yahoo
* improved: editor behavior
* improved: handling of options
* improved: removed some variables from the global space

Озаботился переводом сайта на WP5.
Не хотелось бы попасть на проблемы.
Всё у всех в порядке с плагином под пятым wordpress ?
Да, на 2-х сайтам все работает. Проблем не заметил.
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