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Плагин UberMenu

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin v3.6.1

v3.6.1 September 26, 2019

Feature: Toggle X close icon option
Enhancement: Highlight current ScrollTo links on page load
Enhancement: Tab content panel content alignment support
Enhancement: Support large numbers of taxonomies in Dynamic Posts, as well as filter for precise control
Enhancement: Show user message if no permission to search files in the Residual Styling detector
Enhancement: RTL alignment options
Enhancement: Better RTL layout in menu item settings and control panel
Update: Font Awesome 5.11.2
Fix: Ensure fonts are initialized early enough (hook priority corner case)
Fix: Ensure trigger overrides are applied only to exact items (nested tabs non-toggle hover issue)
Fix: Ensure Google Maps API only loaded when shortcode in use
Fix: Clear license data and status messages when extension licenses are removed

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