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Плагин Beaver Builder тема и плагины

Beaver Builder v1.10.71 (Russian translation is included) 8/11/2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed malformed From header in Contact Form Module.
Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder 1.6.2
Version 1.6.2 - 22nd August 2017
- Improvement: Advanced Posts - Added equal height option for masonry layout
- Improvement: Advanced Posts - Added custom icon support for arrows in carousel layout
- Improvement: Advanced Posts - Added filter uabb_advanced_post_title_link to control heading link
- Improvement: Advanced Posts - Added Beaver Themer shortcode support in CTA fields
- Improvement: Advanced Menu - Improved submenu text alignment when parent menu aligned to right
- Improvement: Advanced Menu - Introduced new actions uabb_advanced_menu_before and uabb_advanced_menu_after
- Improvement: Advanced Menu - Added overlay option to off canvas menu
- Improvement: Advanced Menu - Added option to manage submenu width
- Improvement: Advanced Menu - Partial refresh support for submenu
- Improvement: Before After Slider - Add alt text to the images
- Improvement: Button - Provided option to add photo or icon
- Improvement: Price Box - Introduced new action uabb_price_box_button to add custom HTML after price box button
- Improvement: Team - Added field connections support to the name field
- Improvement: UABB dashboard menu capability changed to "manage_options"
- Fixed: Image Carousel - Arrows not displayed on front end
- Fixed: Advanced Icons - Display icons if link is empty
- Fixed: Advanced Menu - Increase overlay z-index value
- Fixed: Advanced Menu - Close icon styling for overlay and off-canvas menu
- Fixed: Advanced Menu - Toggle button container width applying to whole menu container
- Fixed: Advanced Posts - Fixed PHP error produced by canonical redirection on single post
- Fixed: Advanced Posts - Number of posts to scroll issue on medium and small device in carousel layout
- Fixed: Dual Button - Custom width on preview showing width of single button
- Fixed: Row Separator - Prevent the output of empty div when no row separator is active
- Fixed: Row Separator - Top row separator background color compatibility issue

Version 1.6.1 - Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017
- Improvement: Advanced Posts - Introduced new actions uabb_blog_posts_before_image and uabb_blog_posts_after_image.
- Fixed: Advanced Posts - Existing user compatibility issue.
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Beaver Builder Pro


A Framework Theme from Beaver Builder

Beaverlodge Plugin

Beaver Tunnels

CobaltApps Beaver Extender

Beaver Themer

Сделал комплект:
Beaver Builder Pro 1.10.4
A Framework Theme from Beaver Builder 1.5.4
Beaverlodge Plugin 1.3.1
Beaver Tunnels 2.1.5
CobaltApps Beaver Extender 1.1.0

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PowerPack for Beaver Builder 1.3.2
== 1.3.2 ==
Release date: September 1, 2017
* Enhancement: Added Email field in Team module
* Enhancement: Added Border options for button in Info Box module
* Enhancement: Added Full Width option for Button in Info Box module
* Enhancement: Scroll will back to the link while using Modal Box URL trigger
* Fix: Contact From was not working on some server
* Fix: Button transition wasn't working in Subscribe Form module
* Fix: Content Grid pagination issue
* Fix: FlipBox height issue in Safari
* Fix: Templates were not loading in backend when using custom directory for uploads
* Fix: Video was playing in the background in FireFox when closing Modal Box
* Fix: Smart Heading module sub-heading styling was not working on 'p' element in some cases
* Fix: Info Box image size issue

== 1.3.1 ==
Release date: August 17, 2017
* New: Added a new row separator named Water
* Enhancement: Added custom CSS class field for button in InfoBox module
* Enhancement: Added WordPress URL field in Team module
* Enhancement: Added shortcode support in button field of Pricing Table module
* Enhancement: Added custom width option for button in InfoBox module
* Enhancement: Added border options in Social Icons module
* Enhancement: Added typography settings for submenu in Advanced Menu module
* Enhancement: Removed unnecessary HTML tag option from typography settings in Advanced Menu module
* Enhancement: Added Hide on Mobile field for Down Arrow in row settings
* Enhancement: Added animation option for Down Arrow in row settings
* Enhancement: Added subject field to enter default subject in Contact Form module
* Enhancement: Added custom label fields in Contact Form module
* Enhancement: Added PowerPack as prefix to modules settings form heading to distinguish from other add-ons
* Fix: Default margin issue in Advanced Menu full screen overlay
* Fix: Posts filters were not working properly when excluding some taxonomies in Content Grid module
* Fix: Row Templates mode wasn't working properly in multisite network
* Fix: Contact Form Reply-To headers incorrectly set
* Fix: Content Grid scroll pagination issue
* Fix: Minor CSS issues in Business Hours module
Beaver Themer Add-On - 09/05/2017

Bug Fixes

Fixed core templates being applied instead of Themer templates due to incorrect BB 2.0 support logic.

1.0.2 - 08/23/2017


Added support for ACF checkbox fields.
Added setting for choosing whether overlay headers are transparent or use the default background color.
Added support for WooCommerce request a quote plugin.
Theme layouts are now ordered by title by default instead of layout type.
Tweaked Themer logic for applying templates to support Beaver Builder 2.0.
Updated translation files.
Added new option to post navigation module which allows prev/next post to be in same category as the current post.
New filter added fl_theme_builder_post_nav.

Bug Fixes

Fixed single link in post navigation not being aligned correctly.
Canceling out of a newly connected field with a form now removes the field connection too.
Fixed issue with display of date fields in the free version of ACF.
Fixed shortcodes in HTML attributes not being parsed in the context of the current post in the post module's custom layout.
Fixed issue with unescaped location labels breaking the location select.
Fixed an issue with less compiler, invalid css could cause PHP warnings breaking AJAX.
Fixed comments module displaying builder placeholders when builder is not active.
Fixed a couple of styling issues in Storefront theme.

Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder 1.6.3
Version 1.6.3 - Tuesday, 29th August 2017
- Improvement: Photo Gallery - Get full-size image in lightbox rather than large
- Improvement: Info Circle - Icon background color opacity option
- Fixed: Row Separator - Bottom row separator duplicated to top row separator
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