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Есть ли у кого свежий бобёр? например )
PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon v2.13.1

== v2.13.1 ==
Release date: December 15, 2020

* Hotfix: Same version was showing on the plugin update page

== v2.13.0 ==
Release date: December 15, 2020

* Enhancement: Added an option in PowerPack extensions setting to disable WordPress Lazy Load
* Enhancement: Table of Contents - Added compatibility with RankMath plugin
* Enhancement: Content Grid - Improved AJAX response speed for dynamic filters
* Enhancement: Card Slider - Added options to control content margin, padding, and card max-width
* Enhancement: Content Tiles - Other posts image size will be controlled by Medium or Small tile image size options based on the selected Column Width
* Enhancement: Smart Banner - Description field is now WYSIWYG editor
* Fix: Card Slider - Responsive image width issue
* Fix: Hover Cards - Heading typography was not working for the tag other than h3
* Fix: Table - Scroll mode was getting reverted to original when changing orientation to landscape on responsive devices
* Fix: Table - Incorrect split of CSV data when the comma is found inside double quotes string
* Fix: Category Grid - Delayed hover transition issue
* Fix: Content Grid - Fallback image was not getting cropped
* Fix: Content Grid - Equal height was not getting applied when using the Content Grid in Advanced Tabs module
* Fix: Content Grid - Grid layout issue due to lazy load
* Fix: Content Grid - Default filter was not working
* Fix: Content Grid - Unfefined date_format variable PHP warning in carousel mode
* Fix: Contact Form - Field connection was not working in email subject field
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Icon alignment issue
* Fix: Video Gallery - Minor CSS issue
* Fix: Pricing Table - Layout issue when using in the expandable row
* Fix: Image Carousel - Lightbox close button CSS conflict with the CSS of Image module
* Fix: Info Box - Hairline visible gap between icon and border when background color is filled
* Fix: Photo Gallery - Minor JS issue

есть ли у кого актуальный beaver

PowerPack хотя бы
Beaver Builder Pro 05/25/2022
Hot Fix

Fix alignment issue with the launch Beaver Builder box in WP Admin when using WordPress 6.0 - 05/19/2022
Hot Fix

Outline Panel: Fix items showing multiple times in some cases
TEC: Tweak our fix for TEC added in previous release to make sure it does not affect other post types - 05/12/2022
Bug Fixes

Fix Saved templates not appearing after import when overriding Templates on a Multi-Site/Network Setup
Fix Outline Panel showing empty when you save a module for re-use on a layout and then open it up for editing from the content panel
TEC: Fix the BB UI not working on Events when the Block Editor is enabled for Events and the Default Events Template is used in TEC settings
2.5.4 - 05/05/2022

Accessibility: Fix Pricing Table Module toggle button missing form label
Menu Module: Make sure sub-menu item indicators are off by default for backwards compatibility
Tabs Module: Add options so users can style the accordion buttons/labels
Add new hook to target all nodes fl_builder_node_attributes
Post Carousel Module: Add before and after content hooks fl_builder_post_carousel_grid_before_content and fl_builder_post_carousel_grid_after_content
Menu Module: Add filter for replacing the hamburger icon/SVG fl_builder_mobile_menu_icon
Suggest Field: Add hook fl_builder_auto_suggest_lookup
Exclude history from exported items
Fix conflict with RankMath so it doesn't prevent the Launch BB button from working
Bug Fixes

Don't overwrite the existing post_type templates array. This will fix Block Templates not showing up for the post type if in use
Login Form Module: Fix redirect not working
Fix extra space above/below row and column settings menu
Product Module: Fix PHP Warning
Button Module: Fix background over/focus color issue
Button Group: Fix preview issues, PHP notice about BG gradient hover, and missing field connection for individual buttons
Global Settings: If Responsive layout is disabled, hide appropriate responsive setting options
Fix PHP notices relating to colors/gradients after upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5
Safe Mode: Disable preview
Fix Parent column vertical alignment overriding child/nested column settings

Имя: bb-plugin-pro#2-5-4-3.zip
Размер: 7961492 байтов (7774 KiB)
CRC32: 2D67AD92
SHA256: 72803C8E79975D902688D21A70C42B778F8719B24B80BB5583B6D6992DB15047
SHA1: C5A32E98C2B6EC6B9368238C17EF3B0BB865E033

PowerPack for Beaver Builder 2.24.1
== 2.24.1 ==
Release date: June 23, 2022
* Fix: Smart Headings - Empty links were appearing after the recent update
* Fix: Info Box - Responsive layout issue when global responsive breakpoint is above 767px
* Fix: Info Box - Button styles were not working when Link Type is set to Button + Title
* Fix: Image - Responsive width was getting overridden when used in shrinkable header

== 2.24.0 ==
Release date: June 22, 2022
* Enhancement: Image - Added rollover image option
* Enhancement: Image Carousel - Added Lazy Load option
* Enhancement: Info Box - Enabled responsive controls for various fields
* Enhancement: Info Box - Changed box padding from single control to dimension control
* Enhancement: Info Box - Added div as HTML tag option for Title Prefix and Title
* Enhancement: Google Map - Added an option to provide a link for the marker when Info Window is disabled
* Enhancement: Table - Added an option to provide an icon for the table header in the manual source
* Enhancement: Table - Converted URL from ACF repeater field to anchor link
* Enhancement: Table - Moved text color fields from the Typography tab to the Style tab
* Enhancement: Smart Headings - Added two new separator positions; Left of Heading and Right of Heading
* Enhancement: Smart Headings - Added an option to hide separator on medium or responsive devices
* Enhancement: Video - Added an option to change the aspect ratio of the video in lightbox
* Enhancement: Video Gallery - Added an option to change the aspect ratio of the video in lightbox
* Enhancement: Restaurant/Services Menu - Refactor column fields, equal height will be applied automatically
* Enhancement: Restaurant/Services Menu - Added an option to enable lightbox for menu items image
* Enhancement: Restaurant/Services Menu - Added HTML tag options for the menu heading and item titles
* Enhancement: Gravity Forms - Updated typography options for label and input
* Enhancement: Gravity Forms - Updated input border options
* Enhancement: Gravity Forms - Moved label text color fields from the Typography tab to the Inputs tab
* Enhancement: Gravity Forms - Removed default input and label colors, default input padding and margin values
* Enhancement: Smart Button - Enabled responsive controls for Icon Spacing field
* Enhancement: Advanced Tab - Enabled responsive controls for Content Padding field
* Enhancement: Modal Box - Removed the field "Label in Builder" and used the Label field from the Advanced tab
* Enhancement: Login/Register - Redirect default WP's password reset link to PowerPack's password reset form when a custom login page is set
* Fix: Image Carousel - Image link with # causing the page to scroll to top
* Fix: Smart Button - Hover transition set to None was not working
* Fix: Gravity Forms - Textarea field height set in the Gravity Form backend was not working
* Fix: Info Box - Link and some fields were not appearing in the module settings when choosing Link Type as Button + Title
* Fix: Info Box - Icon alignment for the left and right layout was not working properly
* Fix: Filterable Gallery - PHP error when Horizontal Spacing field is left empty
* Fix: Animated Headlines - JS error when module is set to display Never in the Advanced tab
* Fix: Hover Cards - PHP warning in some cases
* Fix: Restaurant/Services Menu - Minor CSS issues
* Development: Sliding Menus - Added filter hooks pp_sliding_menus_arrow_left and pp_sliding_menus_arrow_right

Имя: bbpowerpack#2-24-1.zip
Размер: 6897877 байтов (6736 KiB)
SHA256: 4D4AC7731C89D08C4E6C47232C36342A8F81BED618CB9774EDC3DAFE5EF9BBDB
SHA1: F074701DFEA7ACB6A9E67DB83D2B01AA607BA44D
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Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro Version) 2.5.5
2.5.5 - 07/21/2022
Security Related Fixes

Prevent users from disabling the BB editor on a post using an AJAX request

Accessibility: Add missing form label on checkbox
Gradient Fields: Add option to clear colors, specify default values
Tweak UI relating to revisions
Font Awesome 6: Add support for thin set & adjust limit of returned icons on search to be higher than the default of 15
Bug Fixes

Fix PHP Notice for $tabs undefined variable
Remove Google font from Recently Used list if that font is no longer available in the API
Content Slider: Fix slides not displaying styling properly when shuffle is enabled
Content Slider: Remove clicable areas if navigation is disabled
Menu Module: Fix alignment not working when using horizontal alignment and wrapping items
Testimonial Module: Fix partial second slide displaying during responsive editing
Style hardening for TwentyTwentyOne Theme
Video Module: Fix error when embedding a Facebook video and using the lightbox

Имя: bb-plugin-pro#2-5-5.zip
Размер: 8022398 байтов (7834 KiB)
SHA256: B3FFFEA4AF920D06DAD2EB5F1E17E3DA0D030F146C1D61967D37E1BA4E64CF73
SHA1: AE1B3B2F8955CA833DB983948796B74F7A37675D

PowerPack for Beaver Builder 2.24.3
== 2.24.3 ==
Release date: July 21, 2022
* Hotfix: Info Box - Box padding issue where default value for padding-right and padding-bottom was getting applied

== 2.24.2 ==
Release date: July 20, 2022
* Enhancement: Author Box - Added social profile fields in the backend user settings to render their icons in the module
* Fix: Info Box - Icon for button was not rendering in some cases
* Fix: Info Box - PHP warning in some cases
* Fix: Content Grid - Theme's CSS was overriding visited linked button's style
* Fix: Advanced Menu - Menu was not visible on mobile in some cases when menu type is full-screen or off-canvas and mobile toggle breakpoint is none
* Fix: Image - WP image editor error in some cases
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Row slideshow was getting paused when an accordion item is set to expanded by default
* Fix: Advanced Accordion - Prevent scroll to expanded item when editing the page in builder
* Fix: Table of Contents - JS error in some cases
* Fix: Instagram Feed - Removed the option "Feed by Hashtag" as Instagram Basic Display API does not support it
* Fix: Modal Box - Iframe aspect ratio issue when a video source is provided in the "URL" type and height is set to auto
* Fix: Column Separator - Not using breakpoints from the global settings

Имя: bbpowerpack#2-24-3.zip
Размер: 6901167 байтов (6739 KiB)
CRC32: 31A6F8E8
SHA256: BE0462CFAC062CA86955455DB26F64EDE91C61CCBCFE2985DC9DD091B5D70D54
SHA1: 863F52F9A11D0345FA9F12A14822165D4D5FCC0C

Приветствую, @starwanderer
На днях обновки были по этим плагинам.
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Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro Version) 07/28/2022
Hot Fix

Security: Harden Contact and Subscribe Form modules
Security: Harden get_post_id function to ensure post ID is always an integer
Add a compatibility fix for the ConvertBox plugin
Fix various menu issues: vertical alignment with the inline logo option, responsive toggle alignment and the menu background extending too far

Имя: bb-plugin-pro#2-5-5-2.zip
Размер: 8022914 байтов (7834 KiB)
CRC32: AA8A90D8
SHA256: 53B7D18E6AEA60E392AAE65BAF498D819FA66528A99266084CD64C0BB8EC38A8
SHA1: 81BEE7B181FD8FB47F4D61AA70ED012727868AB1

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