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Плагин AffiliateWP

Кто уже работает с этим плагином, как он по сравнению с другими для одноуровневой системы и вознаграждением через внутренние купоны?
  • sumo affiliates
  • YITH affiliate + YITH Account Funds
  • Affiliate For WooCommerce
AffiliateWP v2.6.3 - Nulled + Addons


AffiliateWP v2.12.0 null + addons
Не забудьте сделать резервную копию перед обновлением

Источник: С просторов интернета. Используйте на свой страх и риск.
  • New: Grouping creatives into categories
  • Improved: Contact Form 7 integration now allows site owners to select the default referral status
  • Improved: Speed improvements to get_unique_visit_count() causing slowness
  • Fixed: Language improvements when deleting multiple creatives
  • Fixed: If you manually enter a referral, and give it a context for an integration that is no longer installed, it would cause a fatal error
  • Fixed: We now delete all post meta from AffiliateWP when Remove all saved data for AffiliateWP when the plugin is deleted is set
  • Fixed: jQuery is not defined console error when using PayPal buttons sometimes causing them not to work
  • Fixed: Integration sync notices showing incorrectly
  • Fixed: Affiliate registration error: Something went wrong when submitting this form, please contact an administrator
  • Fixed: Affiliate login block showing login form to logged in users
  • Other: This version requires PHP 7.4 or greater
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