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Плагин AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP 2.1.16
Version 2.1.16, March 19, 2018

Fix: PHP error when submitting form with Formidable Forms
Fix: Referrals generated through Restrict Content Pro not rejected when refund is issued
Fix: Referral description blank for Ninja Forms integration
Fix: Incorrect referral amount in Ninja Forms integration
Fix: Reference column missing in Restrict Content Pro integration when affiliate discount is used
Fix: Referrals being updated immediately after being created through WooCommerce
New: Added order referral details in WooCommerce 3.3 preview window
Tweak: Updated Dutch translation
Парни, подскажите, где есть подробный мануал на русском по этому плагину?
AffiliateWP 2.2.10
Version 2.2.10, October 2, 2018

Fix: Site default rate used instead of affiliate-specific rate.

Version 2.2.9, September 18, 2018

Tweak: Adjusted PayPal integration to enable support for recurring tracking with Recurring Referrals add-on
Tweak: Added action hooks in product setting areas for integrations
Tweak: Added parent_id column to the referrals database
Tweak: Updated Polish translation files
Fix: Invalid referral amount when product rate is set to 0 by add-ons
Fix: PHP warning with printf() and too few arguments
Fix: REST API authentication fails if is_user_logged_in() is called in affwp_tracking_get_affiliate_id filter
Ребят, а версию 2.3.1 есть возможность выложить?