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Плагин WPForms Pro - конструктор форм


10 Сен 2017
WPForms Pro
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WPForms утверждает, что является самым удобным для начинающих конструктором форм WordPress из существующих и подчеркивает удобство, которое она предлагает для создания форм WordPress.

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Минимальная версия WordPress: 4.8
Тестировано до версии WordPress: 5.0.3

Скачать: версия 1.5.1

В архиве также содержатся два дополнения: PayPal add-on 1.2.0 и Stripe add-on 2.1.0
А кто ставил Pro 1.6.3..... работает?
получается в про версии все адоны уже включены или как?
WPForms Pro v1.7.9.1
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[v1.7.9.1] - 2023-01-11
### Fixed
- Layout fields were not shown when they were on any page other than the first page of a multi-page form and conditional logic was enabled on at least one field within the Layout field.
- Incorrect spacing around the Submit button in the Form Builder was fixed.
- Missing assets were added to the plugin.

## [1.7.9] - 2023-01-03
### Added
- Icon Choices feature for Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, Checkbox Items, and Multiple Items payment fields - a selection of 2000+ icons can now be used with your choices!

## [1.7.8] - 2022-11-09
### Added
- Introducing a completely new Content field to help you easily add formatted text to your forms.
- Submitted files can now be attached to the notification email, that is configurable on the Form Builder > Notifications screen.
- All anti-spam protection settings are grouped in one place in the Form Builder > Settings for easier access.
- You can now completely block form submissions from certain countries.
- You can also block form submissions that contain particular keywords.
- New hooks at the beginning and end of each page of the Page Break field.

### Changed
- Recently added Form Templates are now available in the "New Templates" category.
- Non-responsive (desktop) version of the Form Builder is not accessible on mobile devices.

### Fixed
- jQuery deprecation notices were triggered in the browser's console.
- Close button in dropdowns was displayed incorrectly in certain places.
- A PHP warning was raised on certain site configurations when the user tried to submit a form.
- Toggle control animation was working incorrectly in certain cases.
- Required fields were still highlighted as incomplete after being filled on the Form Builder > Marketing screen.
- Text was overlapping the down arrow on dropdowns in the 2021 theme.
- The Currency field dropdown went outside of the page border in the Form Builder.
- WPForms Challenge user experience was improved.
- Smart tag list was too big in fields with warnings.
- Some input masks caused the text in the Text field to be right-aligned.
- Compatibility with the 2023 theme was improved.
- Search was incorrectly processing the `0` term when performed on the Entries Overview page.
- Entry Preview functionality didn't work on the Form Preview page when Conversational Forms was enabled.
- A PHP warning related to the Entry CSV Attachment was raised when navigating through different form revisions.
- Entry CSV Attachment settings were not saved properly when saved too quickly after the page load.
WPForms Pro 1.8.1 (Null)
## [1.8.1] - 2023-03-28
### Added
- Modern Form Styles - easily control the appearance of form fields, labels, and buttons without writing code, right inside the Block Editor.
- The new filter `wpforms_frontend_assets_header_force_load` allows forcing load assets in the header which is useful when the form is in the sidebar widget and similar locations.
- The new filter `wpforms_entry_preview_get_start_page_break_id_force_first` allows showing all fields from the beginning of the form to the current entry preview page.

### Changed
- Tooltips design is improved.
- Entry Print Settings design is revised to provide better UX.

### Fixed
- The form preview page was incorrectly shown in some themes.
- CF turnstile form ID was translated creating problems with analysis in Cloudflare Dashboard.
- Country list style was adjusted for the Phone field, specifically on dark themes.
- Notifications Settings styles were looking bad on a small screen in the Form Builder.
- An "active column" state was stuck for a duplicated Layout field inside the Form Builder preview panel.

Источник: С просторов интернета (источник надёжный). Используйте на свой страх и риск.