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Плагин WP PLugin Backup Buddy


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10 Сен 2006
What's new in 2.0?

  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud Storage for remote backups. More choices.
  • Manage remote Amazon S3, FTP, & Rackspace Cloud backups within BackupBuddy.
  • Define remote destinations on a per schedule basis.
  • Background manual backups. Start the backup, close the page and it continues.
  • Quick backup after creating or editing a post or page. Helps you to remember to backup.
  • Improved status feedback (simple & advanced) to make things easy to use and to troubleshoot.
  • More robust archive integrity verification.
  • New server information tools: compatibility checking, file permissions, database size and site size maps to help quickly find where your space is being used, and a cron viewer to view delete or run scheduled operations in WordPress.
  • Background manual backups (start a backup, close your browser, and walk away)
  • Malware Scanner inlcuded free from security pros, Sucuri.
  • Streamlined flow and usability makes BackupBuddy easier to use than ever. And new pop-up video tutorials explain features if you get stuck.
  • Overall improved performance and compatibility.
  • And more than 50 additional features and enhancements!

Plus, it still does all of this from 1.0!

  • FTP off-site backups
  • Send backups via e-mail
  • Schedule backups & transfers
  • Directory exclusion
  • Full backup & database only options
  • Compatibility features for picky servers
  • Back up non-WordPress tables (optional)
  • Backup file integrity checking
  • E-mail notifications
  • Limit number of local backups
  • Built-in help system
  • Automatic upgrades


Если я поставлю делать бекап по FTP, либо на дропбокс, он скинет туда архив? Насколько сильно будет сжат архив? Допустим у меня полный сайт без архивации весит 1Гб, сколько примерно будет архив весить и насколько это загрузит ресурсы системы?
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