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Плагин Swift Performance

Последнее редактирование:
Swift Performance – 06/04/2018
[FIX] Minor bugfixes – 03/04/2018

[FIX] subfolder installation issues
[FIX] missing font issues
[FIX] Image optimizer timeout issues behind reverse proxy
[IMPROVE] DB cleanup on uninstall
[IMPROVE] Include styles
[IMPROVE] Fallback transparent 1×1 GIF if lazyload image is not available
Последнее редактирование:
Swift Performance 1.7.1
1.7.1 – 02/05/2018

Increase version number because WP Repo bug – 02/05/2018

[FIX] Backend JS error

1.7 – 02/05/2018

[FIX] False positive error message on update when Whitelabel is enabled
[FIX] Force SSL/www-non www Redirect issues
[FIX] Use local time and localized format for timestamps
[FIX] Missing Warmup Table issue
[FIX] Elementor Editor conflict
[IMPROVE] Setup/Uninstall
[IMPROVE] Prompt alert before clearing cache on Settings panel
[IMPROVE] Clearing Dynamic cache
[IMPROVE] Speed up and decrase CPU usage for prebuild process
[IMPROVE] Minor improvements
[IMPROVE] Lazyload images (don’t load invisible images)
[IMPROVE] Domain mapping compatibility
[IMPROVE] Speed up plugin dashboard
[NEW] Developer Mode (Bypass cache while dev mode is active)
[NEW] Ability to change lazyload thumbnail size
[NEW] WooCommerce session cache for Cart/Checkout page

1.6.8 – 17/04/2018

[NEW] Block plugin cookies on frontend
[NEW] Subcache option
[NEW] WooCommerce Geo IP cache
[NEW] Clear cache by URL on publish/update post
[NEW] Case insensitive cache
[IMPROVE] Anonymize IP for Google Analytics Bypass
[IMPROVE] Uninstall cleanup (logs, post meta fields)
[IMPROVE] Setup Wizard 3rd party compatibility
[IMPROVE] Normalize font URIs
[IMPROVE] Clear user cache when user was deleted
Swift Performance 1.8.4
1.8.4 – 11/06/2018

[FIX] Clear cache issue after update post

1.8.3 – 11/06/2018

[FIX] Cache Status table issues
[FIX] Image Optimizer Resize
[FIX] Wrong version number after upgrade
[IMPROVE] Minor improvements
[IMPROVE] CSS minify
[IMPROVE] CDN manager

1.8.2 – 22/05/2018

[FIX] Early loader fix
[IMPROVE] Auto configure

1.8.1 – 21/05/2018

[FIX] Typo fix
[FIX] Minor fixes
[IMPROVE] Prebuild cache
[IMPROVE] Auto configurator

1.8 – 18/05/2018

[FIX] Missing homepage cache
[FIX] Remove settings from Customizer
[FIX] Minor fixes
[IMPROVE] Setup Wizard
[IMPROVE] Prebuild & Warmup table
[IMPROVE] Minor improvements
[IMPROVE] Background requests
[NEW] Auto-configuration
[NEW] Exclude archive/author/feed/REST requests

Друзья, может кто сравнивал результаты полной и Lite (бесплатной) версий? Сильно ли pro версия ускоряет?
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