Обсуждение Сравнение Magento 2 vs Magento 1

По умолчанию Magento 2 включена в режиме разработчика, после перехода в режим "production" заметны улучшения по скорости.
в режиме девелопер жутко медленная. В продакшн моде естественно быстрее т.к. вся статика уже сгенерированна. А вообще хоть мадженто 2 и медленая и с баги есть. Но задумка классная и работать с ней интересней чем с первой
I’ve recently migrated my production webshop from Magento EE to Magento EE 2.1.3. It was a lot of work to move all data like customers (with passwords), sales orders, poducts and all relevant settings. But I’m liking the new 2.0 version more then the 1.xx version. It feels like it is more prepared for the future.

The look and feel is much smoother, the speed is also improved when cache is enabled and that’s what I want to achieve on the customers side of it. These days more and more customers are using mobile to shop, so the mobile experience need to be improved as well. But for my opinion it is improved. Sure there are some bugs but in overall l like it. So I’m defending moving my webshop to 2.xx. I only need to find some decent template and I’m over.

Still doing some testing now
Magento 2 latest version have bug with multi store multi currency, when u change from one store to another you will see an error message, its quite frustrating, but you can fix it in switch file :)
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ohh and old version have problem with currency conversation also, in general magento is really good and powerful but their code is mess and have lot of bug thats what i feel without a developer you are F*** i am trying to open a store from past years still stuck lol :)
M2, even if it require more powerfull server side resources, generally works more straight and quicker, especially all related to cart/checkout process, so from this point it will be more effective on sales then M 1.x version (checkout process speed frustrated a lot in M1, keeping thoughts about customers which simply abandoned their orders due to that).
Varien Dev works great, so removed many bugs and improved and again improved with each version update.
We already have 2.2.2 version, so tens version releases were produced in past 2 years. for me M2 currently rock and solid
Also take into consideration as the Magento 1 is going to be phased out soon by 2019 so best stick with the Magento 2 as migrating from different version is very difficult
Yes, I like M2 more and more. They did a good job. It’s way better then M1, and they are just in time as other platform were gaining market space.

So I think the devs are on the right way with Magento 2.

Get a decent host and try it, you won’t be disappointed.
In next versions magento will provide new tchnology stack, such as: react, webpack, graphQL and others
По умолчанию Magento 2 включена в режиме Default Mode (По умолчанию)

В режим производства (production mode) смысл ест переводить, когда всё готово. Тогда выполнил компиляцию + собрал статический контент и всё шустренько работает и после этого не трогаешь магенту 2.

Так как багов море в Магенте 2 то пересобрать вам придётся множество раз. После каждого установки / удаления модуля, внесения изменений во front end. Про обновления я вообще молчу. Тут отдельную ветку открывать надо по обновлению. Магента очень чувствительна к версии PHP.

Это не просто так 7.0.x и 7.1.x держит магента. Там надо смотреть подробнее.

У меня стабильно держит Magento 2 2.2.2 PHP Version 7.0.27

Сколько я её на разных php 7.1.x не пробывал запустить везде баги лезут.