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Вышла новая версия AVADA 6.2 с огромной кучей исправлений/улучшений. Может кто загрузить?
Snow | Minimal & Clean WordPress Portfolio Theme
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    Opera Снимок_2020-02-14_160126_themeforest.net.png
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Вышла новая версия AVADA 6.2 с огромной кучей исправлений/улучшений. Может кто загрузить?
Avada 6.2.0 (NULLED)
v6.2 - February 11th, 2020
  • NEW: 2 New Professionally Designed Demos
  • NEW: Avada Theme Builder engine for creating fully custom layouts for all kinds of post types and all kinds of site sections
  • NEW: Custom Footer Builder allowing for complete freedom in footer building, site-wide or page specific, as part of the Avada Theme Builder
  • NEW: Single posts, single portfolio posts and archive pages Builder as part of the Avada Theme Builder
  • NEW: 404 Page Builder for fully custom design, as part of the Avada Theme Builder
  • NEW: Search Page Builder as part of the Avada Theme Builder
  • NEW: Page Title Bar Builder as part of the Avada Theme Builder
  • NEW: Added several Theme Builder elements: Content, Archive Content, Pagination, Author, Related Posts, Comments, Featured Image Slider, Project Details
  • NEW: Added custom icon set feature to icon pickers; any custom IcoMoon package can be installed
  • NEW: Added Widget element, for single widget addition to post contents and live widget editing
  • NEW: Added Search element to Fusion Builder for creating a search form anywhere on your pages
  • NEW: Added Breadcrumb element to Fusion Builder for easy usage anywhere on your pages
  • NEW: Added full design integration with the v2 views version of The Events Calendar 5.0
  • NEW: Added possibility to edit saved library elements directly in Avada Live Builder
  • NEW: Added font family option to the Title element
  • NEW: A second layout and lots of styling options have been added to the Countdown element
  • NEW: Added link, link target, hover colors, background border and animation type options to the Icon element
  • NEW: Added autoplay, smooth height, slideshow speed, margin and alignment options to the Slider element
  • NEW: Added CSS filter options to the Image element
  • NEW: Added link and link hover color options to the Container element
  • NEW: Added sensitivity setting to control the change in 100% height scrolling sections
  • NEW: Added image link option to the Before & After Image element
  • NEW: Added filters to the demo import screen for easier search of fitting demos
  • NEW: Added margin options to Avada's Widget Options setup
  • NEW: Added a Theme Option to control the loading of block editor relevant styles
  • NEW: Layout sections and custom icon sets can now be individually imported from supporting demos
  • NEW: Added possibility to import ConvertPlus modules on demo import
  • NEW: Added background and text color options (incl. hover styles) to the "Load More Button" settings
  • NEW: Added structured data to the FAQ element
  • NEW: Added icon size option to the Separator element
  • NEW: Added Twitch, Mixer and Discord to social links
  • NEW: Added the Avada option UI to Fusion Slider slide panels
  • NEW: Added dynamic data options specific to the new layout builder
  • NEW: Added animation options to the Title element
  • NEW: Added content alignment option to Events element
  • NEW: Added possibility to add new library elements directly from the admin screen
  • NEW: Added possibility to edit taxonomies of posts and CPTs directly in Avada Live Builder
  • NEW: Added custom fonts to font families drop-down in the Avada Live Builder inline editor
  • NEW: Added easy live search for font families to the Avada Live Builder inline editor
  • NEW: Added Modal Text Link element to the Avada Live Builder inline editor
  • NEW: Added a new date option to dynamic data, e.g. for easier copyright text creation in site footers
  • NEW: Added a filter (fusion_custom_icons) for easy addition of custom icon sets to the icon pickers
  • NEW: Added a preference to Avada Live Builder to turn on/off CSS filter options
  • NEW: Allow HTML in the content area of the Popover element
  • NEW: Added markup filters to all elements for easier output manipulation
  • NEW: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.9
  • NEW: Full compatibility with PHP 7.4
  • IMPROVEMENT: Completely revamped and improved out responsive typography setup for better performance
  • IMPROVEMENT: Redesigned the UI of icon pickers
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed setup of category and tag options in Fusion Builder elements to improve performance on sites with lots of categories and tags
  • IMPROVEMENT: Page Options structuring has been renewed for a more intuitive workflow
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added our custom post type taxonomies to the block editor edit screens
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a custom class to allow URL params in anchor links without reloading the entire page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added ARIA labels to portfolio masonry layout links for easier accessibility
  • IMPROVEMENT: Menu highlight labels are now dynamically sizing according to menu font size
  • IMPROVEMENT: Restructured some Theme Option tabs and updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed data structure of Fusion Page Options for better loading/saving performance
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added custom scrollbars to Avada Live Builder UI
  • IMPROVEMENT: "To Top" button settings now live update in Avada Live Builder
  • IMPROVEMENT: Avada Live Builder element tabs now fit better on smaller sidebar widths
  • IMPROVEMENT: UI for the language switcher in Avada Live Builder is now better
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a loading spinner when adding elements from the library in Avada Live Builder
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added the woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item action to the Fusion Builder WooCommerce elements for 3rd party plugin compatibility
  • IMPROVEMENT: UI adjustment for Nested Column element inside a Container element with CSS filters for better controls selection
  • UPDATED: All Theme Option default values have been updated to reflect a clean and modern design
  • UPDATED: Structured data for breadcrumbs is now using JSON-LD format
  • UPDATED: Removed deprecated WPML constants
  • UPDATED: Made sure select2 library styling is compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.1+ and fixed a few general styling issues
  • UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.12 offering 1553 icons
  • UPDATED: ie11CustomProperties.js script to latest version
  • UPDATED: Deprecated and replaced usage of avada_jetpack_is_mobile() function
  • FIXED: Google fonts subsets don't load correctly when using CDN mode
  • FIXED: Undefined variable notice on CPTs
  • FIXED: Form placeholder texts not using body font family in all cases
  • FIXED: Page title bar background image not being correctly removed from front-end when removed from Theme Options
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with "All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions" plugin where selected choice reset after variation change
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with "WooCommerce YITH Mini Cart Popup" plugin, where the quantity buttons were missing
  • FIXED: WooCommerce My Account dropdown in main menu sometimes disappearing on auto fill values for login
  • FIXED: H3 titles in tabs not using correct font settings on WooCommerce single product pages
  • FIXED: Horizontal tabs border colors wrong in mobile mode on WooCommerce single product pages
  • FIXED: WooCommerce cart and checkout button styling being incorrect if Fusion Builder is disabled
  • FIXED: WooCommerce single product page tabs background color being controlled by wrong Theme Option
  • FIXED: WooCommerce terms & condition page loading stripping out HTML style tags (WooCommerce native issue)
  • FIXED: Pagination range options not working with WooCommerce paginations
  • FIXED: Column spacing not correctly working on Portfolio archive grids
  • FIXED: Equal heights not working on Portfolio taxonomies
  • FIXED: Post offset option not working in Portfolio element
  • FIXED: Next/previous post pagination page option not working correctly
  • FIXED: Image lazy loading not working when JS compiler is used
  • FIXED: PHP notice in Fusion Slider template
  • FIXED: Blog category page title bar Theme Option not working
  • FIXED: PHP warning due to a compatibility issue with PolyLang plugin
  • FIXED: WordPress "Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox" not correctly working
  • FIXED: Minor issue with Fusion notices setup
  • FIXED: PHP notice on default 404 page if Checklist element is disabled
  • FIXED: Removed "Default" option from 100% width Page Options on CPTs
  • FIXED: Side navigation template click setting not working correctly
  • FIXED: Site Width Theme Option setting being set to 100% causing a spacing issue on posts content when sidebars are used
  • FIXED: Dynamic CSS file being loaded in head, if file mode isn't used, even if styles are set to be loaded in footer
  • FIXED: Sliding bar disappearing for logged-out users on smaller browser width
  • FIXED: Heading and Caption background color options showing, even if the background options are disabled
  • FIXED: Header background image being doubled on headers v2 and v3, if using transparent top header and a header bg image which is transparent itself
  • FIXED: Featured image and sliders taxonomy not correctly being copied when cloning a Fusion Slider slide
  • FIXED: Responsive typography interfering with Slider Revolution headings and headings in LayerSlider element
  • FIXED: Text flow option of Icon element causing placement issues when icon is added inline in the middle of a text paragraph
  • FIXED: Some minor styling issues in the User element
  • FIXED: Lift up effect hover overlap issue on columns when using CSS filters
  • FIXED: CSS hover filters not being applied to Nested Column element if a column link is set
  • FIXED: Some dynamic data options showing in contexts where they are not available
  • FIXED: Not all background position settings being correct when using radial gradient direction
  • FIXED: Flip Boxes element resize event being triggered on page scroll
  • FIXED: YouTube videos not always covering the full height of the container, when used as Container element background videos
  • FIXED: Dynamic content not working as a set value with respect to option dependencies
  • FIXED: Multiple bulk image uploads in Gallery element leading to some images missing from gallery
  • FIXED: Responsive typography not being correctly applied to rotational and highlighted text parts of the Title element
  • FIXED: Border radius not working on Nested Column element when a gradient background color is used
  • FIXED: Column positioning issue in some cases on RTL layouts
  • FIXED: Transparent background not correctly working for Testimonial element main content area
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with Yoast SEO key phrase detection
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue with Yoast SEO breadcrumbs
  • FIXED: PHP notice in Popover element
  • FIXED: Image selection being incorrect in Image element when using image and lightbox image and re-editing after initial page save
  • FIXED: Events element infinite scroll not working if Portfolio element is disabled
  • FIXED: Content Boxes element animations being doubled in some cases
  • FIXED: Audio element always looping, even if turned off (WP core bug)
  • FIXED: Border radius not working in Tagline element
  • FIXED: PHP notice in Widget Area element
  • FIXED: Issue with Avada's menu widget rendering
  • FIXED: Avada Live Builder showing featured image options even if not enabled on the CPT
  • FIXED: Not all the latest demo Theme Options showing in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Loader not correctly removed after partial refresh for masonry layouts in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: JS error on WooCommerce Shop page in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Image option dependencies not always working correctly in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Anchors not always being correctly added when using the Avada Live Builder inline editor
  • FIXED: Dynamic data in some cases falling back to static values when other options get updated in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Avada Live Builder UI getting stuck when changing history event while a Nested Column element is open
  • FIXED: Gradient background colors being auto added to Nest Column element, if the gradient is set on the parent Column element
  • FIXED: Image drag and drop re-ordering not working in the Image Carousel element in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Minor issue with rendering of a few elements inside of a Modal element in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Images not being auto attached to the currently edited post when using the upload button in Post Slider element in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Post status option not working correctly in Blog and Recent Posts elements in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Issue with element in element query data on AJAX calls in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Transparent colors can't be correctly set through the color picker on gradient colors in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: HubSpot forms not rendering correctly when used as part of other elements, like Text element in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Vimeo element not working when using px values in the dimension fields in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Exit Avada Live Builder links redirecting to post instead of category when editing taxonomy pages
  • FIXED: WP admin bar toolbar loaded on some redirects to pages in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: JS error happening in some cases in repeater options in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Related posts/projects disappearing in Avada Live Builder when changing options on single posts/portfolio posts
  • FIXED: Checklist element padding not being correct in Avada Live Builder when editing WooCommerce product summary
  • FIXED: Column element controls color being incorrect i wireframe mode of Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: "Interior content width" option missing for single portfolio posts in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Performance issue because of too frequent re-rendering in tiny MCE editor in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: CSS filter options effecting controls styling in wireframe mode of Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Backup font changes not triggering save button in Avada Live Builder
  • FIXED: Custom container name being incorrectly positioned when using element dialogs in Avada Live Builder
Avada 6.2.1 (NULLED)

v6.2.1 - February 18th, 2020

  • NEW: Theme Option to set WordPress big image size threshold
  • NEW: Option to disable widget titles in Widget element and through Avada Widget Options
  • NEW: Added smooth anchor scrolling to Fusion Slider full slide links
  • UPDATED: Popularity clause for WooCommerce product ordering, which fixes potential compatibility issues
  • FIXED: Compatibility issues between the new widget element and several 3rd party plugin widgets
  • FIXED: Fusion Core missing a conditional check for a class in Fusion Builder, which can lead to a fatal error if Fusion Builder is not active
  • FIXED: Archive element requires Blog element to be active to work correctly
  • FIXED: Sidebar options not working correctly on archives
  • FIXED: Sidebars not working correctly on bbPress pages
  • FIXED: Single posts of CPTs not using the blog sidebar Theme Options
  • FIXED: Layout section sidebars being overwritten by global sidebar options
  • FIXED: Breadcrumb element separator option not being correctly escaped
  • FIXED: Error in global layouts, if layout section gets deleted directly but was not unassigned from layout
  • FIXED: Self-hosted videos not working in Fusion Slider element
  • FIXED: Mobile preview image for self-hosted videos in Fusion Slider element not displaying
  • FIXED: Fusion Slider button link placeholders still displaying, even if options were already saved empty
  • FIXED: PHP notices in Fusion Slider and Widget element
  • FIXED: Issue in Events element where upcoming events have not been calculated correctly
  • FIXED: Conditions system not working correctly for some taxonomies in Avada Theme Builder
  • FIXED: Layout overrides not working in some cases on archives
  • FIXED: Custom CSS field contents not correctly saving when using Fusion Builder Live
  • FIXED: Copyright link hover Theme Option not working
  • FIXED: Issue in WooCommerce cart handling, which could lead to fatal error in some cases
  • FIXED: "Show First Featured Image" not working correctly on CPTs
  • FIXED: FAQ element schema JSON-LD producing invalid data
  • FIXED: Portfolio element excerpt length option not working correctly
  • FIXED: Page Title Bar can't be disabled through Page Options on single posts
  • FIXED: Portfolio rollover link icon target not working
  • FIXED: Search form placeholder text not being translatable
  • FIXED: Events Tickets quantity boxes not being correctly styled when tickets are assigned to pages by the Ticket metabox
  • FIXED: Some of Avada's admin notice boxes appearing again, even if they have been dismissed previously
  • FIXED: Previewing a page removes Fusion Slider from Page Options assignment
  • FIXED: Global elements only being accessible for admin users
  • FIXED: Custom color palettes only available for admin users
  • FIXED: Fusion Builder not being auto-enabled correctly for corresponding post types, if settings have been saved prior to 6.2
  • FIXED: Recent Posts element responsive images setup for thumbnails on side layout
  • FIXED: Check for blocks causing a fatal error on WordPress versions below 5.0
  • FIXED: "Pre-Built Page" button on blank pages in Fusion Builder Live not working
  • FIXED: Minor option dependency issue for the Image Before & After link option
  • FIXED: Minor JS error on media library admin screen when ACF Pro plugin is enabled
  • FIXED: Responsive typography not working correctly in IE11
Последнее редактирование:
Avada 6.2.1 (NULLED)
Version 6.2.1 (26th February 2020)
New Features
  • Layer background supports now also image sources from stream
  • Added custom fonts list to global settings, which supports custom fonts in the editor area also.
    Available options: font family name, url to font style, available font weights, load font in front- and/or backend environment
  • ThemePunch tool main reference "punchgs" has been replaced by "tpGS"
  • GreenSock Engine update from Version 2.x to Version 3.x
  • Easing now have new aliases. i.e. Power2.easeInOut now can be referenced with short names like power2.inOut
  • Added carousel mobile swipe and desktop mobile swipe options under the navigation touch section which allows you to disable the carousel navigation via touch if needed
  • Timeline limit extended to a maximum of 3:00 min
  • Merged the AddOn notices into one single notice
  • Optimized page loading
  • Reduced file sizes for faster loading times
  • Added sharp corners also to shape layers
  • Text decoration style will no longer be applied to row, column and group layers
  • Auto width full height image layers will now respect also the image width in FireFox
  • Importing a package into a folder will no longer return an moving error even thought the slider was properly moved
  • Releasing Mouse outside of Modal windows will not any more close the Modal windows, to support copy/paste within text editors
  • Fixed an issue where the touch/swipe functionality on full slide links in carousel mode was not working properly.
  • Fixed the color animation if the text color has been animated from a different value to the default and the splitted text option was set in character, word or lines mode.
  • Fixed hover animation issues in editor mode where the default filters added an odd black flash effect to the animation start
  • Fixed navigation not working anymore after loading a slider in a modal that has the "Put JS To Body" option set to on
  • Fixed a bug where old carousel sliders do not show all slides even if they should
  • Elements without 3d animation settings will now ignore the transform perspective attribute to render layers on retina displays as sharp as possible
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation arrows lost their thumbnail images after the first slide
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation thumbs of a post based slider would be scaled two times
  • Issue with Ken Burns effect in Firefox's latest browser hes been fixed where the animation stop playing after slide in transform
  • Fixed a very rare bug where JavaScript errors blocked any further functionality in the overview page when a template has been directly installed after updating the AddOns
  • Fixed small glitches in overview page and in editor
  • Scroll navigation in carousel sliders has beed fixed
  • Long Touch and swipe function in Carousel Sliders may made the whole slider container to jump and laggy
  • Fixed an issue where moving sliders from folders to root and back broke with JavaScript error

Там в архиве Slider Revolution 6.2.1) Перезалей Аваду, пожалуйста.
Там в архиве Slider Revolution 6.2.1) Перезалей Аваду, пожалуйста.
Извините, перезалил.

Avada 6.2.2 NULLED
Version 6.2.2 - March 11th, 2020

- IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
- IMPROVEMENT: Added woocommerce_default_catalog_orderby filter and added a default value for it in case the option is unset
- FIXED: Page Options (e.g. Fusion Slider settings) being wiped out after save in some cases
- FIXED: "No Sidebar" changing to "Default Sidebar" in the Page Option select after save (front-end correct)
- FIXED: WPML / PolyLang "All languages" saving of Theme Options not working
- FIXED: Page Option migration looping, if no Page Options have been set
- FIXED: Background pattern in Theme Options for outer page area not working correctly
- FIXED: Increased performance for post meta retrieving by reducing function calls
- FIXED: Removed Page Option migrations from attachments and WooCommerce orders
- FIXED: Header background color opacity missing in Fusion Taxonomy Options
- FIXED: Latin characters in fonts set through Theme Option font pickers not always displaying correctly
- FIXED: "Previous" and "Next" strings in lightbox not being translatable
- FIXED: "Email" string in social icons not being translatable
- FIXED: Events Calendar archive AJAX requests always only displaying one post
- FIXED: Featured image column size not correctly working in Page Options for portfolio posts
- FIXED: Page Options for changing the link target on singe portfolio posts not working correctly
- FIXED: Link color for read more buttons being incorrect in Content Box element if Container element link colors are set
- FIXED: Breadcrumbs text color being overridden by Container element link color
- FIXED: Gravity Form submit button styling in webkit browsers
- FIXED: Custom CSS class name missing white space in Widget element
- FIXED: Product search page using global page sidebars instead of global search page ones
- FIXED: Header icon border circle being incorrect for search icon on header 6
- FIXED: JS error on widget editing page when Editor User Role plugin is active
- FIXED: Removed get_post_metadat filter from Avada's own retrieval function to avoid compatibility issues
- FIXED: Semitransparent background color being doubled up on Testimonial element in clean layout
- FIXED: Featured image markup missing = sign for the aria label
- FIXED: 100% scrolling sections leading to white space areas when using the navigation bar and switching between last element and previous ones
- FIXED: Page Options import not working on the back-end editor
- FIXED: PHP notice on portfolio post back-end editor
- FIXED: WordPress default form styles being disabled in back-end
- FIXED: Compatibility issue with some third-party plugins if widget class names are undefined
- FIXED: Title element typing effect not working in IE11 / Edge
- FIXED: Vertical menu widget CSS based options not working correctly
- FIXED: Some dynamic data fields from ACF Pro missing in the back-end editor
- FIXED: Custom 404 layout not working when permalink structure uses the category name in the links
- FIXED: Custom 404 layout doubles content when when permalink structure uses blog/%postname%/
- FIXED: Content width incorrect on default 404 page when global posts sidebar is used
- FIXED: Column CSS filter values applied to to two different instances when layout sections are used in Avada Theme Builder
- FIXED: Spacing between portfolio posts missing when displaying them through the Archive element in Avada Theme Builder
- FIXED: Number of columns option not saving for the Archive element in Avada Live Builder
- FIXED: Posts per page and Pagination option not correctly working for the Archive element in the Avada Theme Builder
- FIXED: Flyout menu icon being hidden when changing its size in Avada Live Builder
- FIXED: Show / hide option for page title bar not working for portfolio posts in Avada Live Builder
- FIXED: Minor positioning issue sometimes happening for inline elements in Avada Live Builder
- FIXED: Sliding bar icon not being removed correctly when sliding bar is disabled in Avada Live Builder
- FIXED: Selected sidebars in option panel not always showing correctly in Avada Live Builder
Последнее редактирование:
Love Fashion - есть ли актуальная версия под WP 5.4?
Avada 6.2.3 (NULLED)
v6.2.3 - April 24th, 2020
- SECURITY FIX: Possible XSS attacks from users with contributor role, which would allow them to edit,
delete or create posts that don't belong to themselves
- FIXED: Widget options not loading correctly in Widget element in back-end builder
- FIXED: Import and assignment of global layout sections not working on demo import
- FIXED: Anchor scrolling not working correctly in IE11 and Safari below version 13
- FIXED: Google map top margin not correctly working on the contact page template
- FIXED: RTL positioning issue of heading and icon in Content Boxes element for some layouts
- FIXED: CSS selector for filters in Column element being incorrect in Avada Live Builder
- FIXED: fusion_portfolio_scripts() function call in Fusion Core causing fatal error, when Fusion Builder plugin is deactivated
- FIXED: Fixed PHP notice in comments.php