Компонент Easy Profile Pro-расширенный профиль.

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Пожалуйста, поделитесь Easy Profile Pro v.2.5.6.
Easy Profile 2.5.6 (19 Jun 2018)
> FIX - Backend Export feature issue raised in version 2.5.5

Easy Profile 2.5.5 (18 Jun 2018)
> FIX - "Export Readable Values" now respect Timezone
> FIX - Export feature does not respect Availability for parameter
> FIX - Filetype field client-side validation does not highlight label when there is a error
> FIX - Readonly checkboxes not works well with J3.8+
> NEW - Added "Input CSS Class" in field parameters
> FIX - Username message regex does not works
Easy Profile Pro v2.5.7

Easy Profile 2.5.7 (4 Sep 2018)
  • FIX - Avatar does not respect privacy in User Lists
  • New - Option to skip social JS/CSS for menu items
  • FIX - Map issue when you delete a position
  • FIX - PHP Notice upload image
  • FIX - Compatibility with Joomla user plugins improved
  • FIX - Problem with Batch processes and fieldgroups
  • FIX - Some minor issue and improvements
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Easy Profile 2.7.0
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