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Admin Tools Pro 5.7.3
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  • Small change in the FOF library to prevent harmless but confusing and annoying errors from appearing during upgrade
  • [LOW] Missing filtering reason for "Monitor Super User" feature
  • Newline at the top of file can cause site breakage
  • Improved Apache and IIS server signature removal
  • Improved CORS handling
  • Added support for Joomla 4 API application in the .htaccess Maker and Web.Config Maker
  • Added support for automatically serving .css.gz/.js.gz files in the .htaccess Maker and Web.Config Maker per Joomla 4 recommendations
  • Removed Change Database Collation and Repair & Optimise Tables features under Joomla 4 (not supported by the J4 database driver)
  • Removed the CSRFShield feature
  • Minimum requirements raised to PHP 7.1, Joomla 3.9
  • Use JAccess instead of DB queries [gh-223]
  • Improve the rendering of the System - Admin Tools plugin options
  • Improve the rendering of the component options
  • Changed the terms blacklist and whitelist to be more clear
  • Changed the term Security Exceptions to Blocked Requests for clarity
  • [HIGH] Emergency Off-line completely broken under Joomla 4
  • [HIGH] Purge Sessions does not work under Joomla 4
  • [HIGH] Features with modal dialogs would not work under Joomla 4
  • [MEDIUM] The "User groups to check for well-known passwords" feature could cause a PHP notice when modifying the component Options
  • [MEDIUM] Temporary Super Users feature does not work when Monitor Super Users or Disable Editing Backend Users features are enabled
  • [LOW] Some help text blocks were using the wrong class, making them illegible in Dark Mode.
  • [LOW] Email Templates help text referenced country and continent which were removed in version 5.5.0.
  • [LOW] Rescue URL doesn't work with Joomla 4
  • [LOW] Notices thrown when plugin loaded in Joomla 4 Console application
  • [LOW] Master Password page incorrectly referenced an UnlockIP view with an untranslated name; the correct is UnblockIP
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Admin Tools Pro 5.7.4

  • .htaccess/NginX Conf/web.config Maker: more options for the expiration time
  • [LOW] Clearing the Security Exceptions Log date filters can cause an error on MySQL 8
  • [LOW] Expiration time was not being set for WOFF fonts in the .htaccess Maker
Очередное обновление. Admin Tools 5.8.0
Дата релиза: 07.09.2020

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Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!

Bug fixes
  • [LOW] Auto-compression and expiration time didn't work on .js files served with MIME type text/javascript
  • [LOW] Removed obsolete country and continent information from the default email templates for new installations.
  • [LOW] Rescue URL would trigger an Admin Query String blocked request before sending the email (just annoying, not really causing a functional problem)
  • [LOW] There were leftover, non-functional dismiss buttons in some information and warning messages in the backend
  • [LOW] web.config Maker: 1 year option for the expiration time did not take effect
New features
  • .htaccess Maker: Automatically compress static resources will now use Brotli compression with priority if it's supported by both the server (mod_brotli) and the client (accepts encoding "br").
  • .htaccess and NginX Conf Maker: Neutralise SVG script execution. There are major caveats! Please do read the documentation before enabling this option.
  • Inherit the base font size instead of defining a fixed one
Miscellaneous changes
  • Adjust size of control panel icons
  • Improve "Redirect index.php to the site's root" code
  • Improve the UX of the URL Redirect form page
  • More clarity in the in-component update notifications, explaining they come from Joomla itself
Removed features
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer
Очередное обновление. Admin Tools 5.9.0

Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!

Bug fixes
  • [HIGH] template=something blocked for com_ajax requests (they must always be allowed)
  • [HIGH] web.config Maker would block some Joomla index.php URLs whose last parameter ended in ".php"
  • [LOW] Remote file change scanner with frontend URL would fail if the secret word contained the plus sign character due to a PHP bug.
  • [LOW] Session Cleaner was running only when backend users accessed to the site
  • [LOW] Temporary Super Users were blocked by the Monitor Super Users feature
  • [LOW] Wrong version query to the namespace.js
New features
  • .htaccess and NginX Conf Maker: Better support for more file types in setting the expiration time
  • .htaccess, NginX and WebConfig Maker: added option to reset all the options to default values
Miscellaneous changes
  • Improved unhandled PHP exception error page
  • Using nullable DATETIME instead of zero dates
Removed features
  • Removed update notifications inside the component
Akeeba Admin Tools Pro 7.0.10 (Joomla 4)
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Akeeba Admin Tools Pro 6.1.5 (Joomla 3)

Akeeba Admin Tools Pro 7.1.0 (Joomla 4)