Компонент Admin Tools Professional

Admin Tools Pro v5.3.2

Bug fixes
  • [LOW] A Joomla installer bug caused an error message to be displayed when updating from 5.3.0 or earlier.
Miscellaneous changes
  • PHP File Change Scanner comment editing now uses the Joomla WYSIWYG editor.
А вот и свежачок.
Admin Tools Pro версия 5.3.4

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Version 5.3.4
Bug fixes
  • [HIGH] Core version: Administrator Password Protect would result in fatal error
  • [LOW] JDEBUG not defined under CLI
  • [LOW] Prevent fatal errors while scanning very large files
New features
  • Admin Tools will warn the user if it detects that manual edits were performed on server configuration files (ie .htaccess, nginx.conf or web.config)
  • Allow editing own Joomla! user profile even when editing backend user information is forbidden
  • Installer plugin to fix update issues after using Joomla's Rebuild Update Sites feature
  • Password-protect Administrator: option to reset custom error pages to avoid 404 errors accessing administrator
Miscellaneous changes
  • Away Schedule is now more clear about the use of time zones
  • Disable forgotten users no longer requires the user groups to give backend or Super User access to consider them
  • Work towards future PHP 7.4 support
Прямо из духовки: Admin Tools Pro 5.5.0.
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Очередное обновление. Admin Tools 5.6.0
Дата релиза: 20.03.2020

Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!

Bug fixes
  • [LOW] Control Panel graphs are affected when you apply filters in the Security Exceptions Log page.
  • [LOW] Monitor Critical Files: PHP warning sometimes issued from leftover code
  • [LOW] PHP Scanner: fixed scanning when PHP reports installation path being /
  • [LOW] URL Redirection: URL fragment included twice after redirecting to a URL that includes a fragment
New features
  • Add WebP to Set a Long Expiration Time in .htaccess and NginX Conf Maker
  • Add cartupdate to the list of allowed tmpl keywords to cater for VirtueMart's not following Joomla best practices
  • Added feature to import configuration settings from a remote URL on a schedule
  • Prevent www and non-www redirs when Joomla site settings are wrong
  • The .htaccess Set a Long Expiration Time now also applies a no-cache setting for administrator URLs to prevent browsers from caching redirects and / or error messages in admin pages

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