Vivvo Developer 4.0.1

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27 Июн 2006
Vivvo CMS v4.0.1 (build 2341), copyright © 2007 Spoonlabs d.o.o
The new version of the popular news and media publishing platform is finally unveiled. 
Vivvo 4 introduces an entirely new, highly intuitive browser-based interface and gives you even more power and scalability! 
Articles / Pages / Publishing 
* Different output formats: Web (xHTML), Mobile/PDA, Plain Text, >RSS / Atom 
* Static Pages 
* Custom statuses for articles (active, pending, headline, archive) 
* Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content 
* Future / Expiring content (you can set future publishing dates) 
* Tags 
* Related articles 
* Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, etc.) 
* Social bookmarking syndication (Digg, Del.icio, and others) 
* WYSIWYG editor for adding content with custom advanced features for article body highlighting 
* Archive system for old articles 
* Preview content 
Administration / General 
* Intuitive UI and drag'n'drop management 
* Minimal training required - fast learning curve 
* Easy Upgrade Manager for plug-ins and extensions 
* Visitor statistics 
Search Engine Optimization 
* SE Friendly URLs 
* Custom META keywords/description tags 
* Automatic Google XML sitemap module 
Template Engine and Layouts 
* Proprietary template engine (VTE), designer-friendly 
* Templates / Skins for both frontend and backend 
* Design independent - can support any web-page design 
* Full CSS layout and design 
* Sitewide templates: you can create entire site using default set of templates 
* Multiple templates: you can create individual templates for every section, page or even the smallest box 
Add-ons and Plug-ins 
* Article Generator plug-in (Wizard) that allows creation of custom output blocks 
* Easily extensible through a plug-in architecture 
* Full-featured user commenting system 
* Full vBulletin integration in comments system 
* Comment moderation 
* Anti-spam protection (CAPTCHA, bad words, flood protection, IP ban, posting by registered members only�) 
* RSS/Subscription for comments 
* Optional support for 3rd party avatars (Gravatar and similar) 
User / Member Management 
* Multi-user system with following levels: 
o Administrator 
o Editor 
o Trusted Writer 
o Writer 
* Member groups 
o Free/Basic members 
o Paid/Premium members 
Fast Caching 
* Fast Cache Module that prevents server from having to repeatedly handle requests for identical content, which dramatically improves server and application performance. 
* Static and Dynamic content caching (you can choose what parts of website to cache, and what not to) 
Rapid Development and Customization Features 
* Custom Fields Mapping 
* Template Engine with smart blabla fat-client, nesto, magla 
* Full multi-lingual system with language files for both the frond-end and back-end 
Standards Compliance 
* Accessibility compliant 
* Content syndication: RSS, Atom, XML 
* xHTML 
* Mobile / PDA 
* Plain text support 
* Printer friendly support 
* Multi-language support 
* Custom templates 
Document and Media Management 
* Full media streaming capabilities 
* All major video formats supported 
* Podcasting 
* Uploading documents and files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.) 
* Image repository for multiple usage 
* GD2 Image manipulation 
For freelancers, developers and companies 
If you're a freelancer, developer or a company looking for a stable, scalable and robust CMS to use for your clients' websites - Vivvo will serve as an outstanding platform with an open and well-documented architecture that allows rapid development. You will be able to easily deploy websites for your clients and meet time to market, while having a piece of mind with a well tested and supported CMS solution. Our team of developers and support staff will be available to help you with the development of custom modules and integrations that will seamlessly blend into the Vivvo system. 
Please note that all the flexibility, ease of use and richness of our application come with a price tag of an increased developer complexity. Therefore, you should take some time to learn the system without expecting that you will be able to deploy customized Vivvo websites overnight. Our development team will gladly work together with you to achieve the best results in the shortest time-frame possible and you will have an opportunity to benefit from our competitively-priced consulting services, exclusively available to our Developer/Corporate clients. 
Some of the most important features that will let you easily and rapidly deploy custom-made websites are: 
* OO design - Fully Object orientated 
* Model-view-controller architecture - Completely separated data presentation from business logic 
* Ajax orientated template output - Single template output for data sharing 
* Component based templates - Dynamic loading of JS/CSS from templates enables you to easily create reusable components 
* Powerful template engine (VTE) - All the heavy burden for custom appearance and functionality is being shifted towards templates, which are now able to perform even the most complex tasks. 
* Custom field mapping - Vivvo allows you to easily create field mappings for a myriad of custom database field types. With this important feature you can easily extend the functionality of your website by adding specific attributes. For example instead of category/article/author paradigm, you can make events/performers/venues schema, or whatever you or your client needs.

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нуля не требует :D
Уже раскидано по нету :D
В атаче еще 2 плагина, которых небыло в пакете!!


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Берусь за руссификацию...
у кого-нибудь получилось поставить, у меня пишет Fix files first - мол нет доступа, хотя поставил на указанные файлы разрешения 777... в чем проблема, кто-нибудь сталкивался ?
Я посмотрел по-быстрому, вроде если что-то и есть то в js скриптах. ПРичем наверняка. Но я в этом не специалист:((
Я так понимаю ставить систему из вышеупомянутых источников на рабочий сайт более чем не разумно?)
На локаль смело ставте, я поставил, все пашет, завтра проверю на дыры, бекдоры и стучалки, а на локале пока юзаем, все пашет и в се в открытом коде!!!
Народ, а у всех работает нормально данная версия?

У меня она установилась без проблем, а вот в админку зайти не получается.

Ввожу логин и пароль - и ничего не происходит !

Испытывал на локалхосте.

P.S.: Если вчера еще не работала админка, то сейчас все ОК.
Почитал на форуме Vivvo.... оказывается такая же проблема была у многих. Рохоже создатели придумали какую то стучалку
На локалхосте работает отлично. Разработчики, кажется, прислушались к мнению пользователей и сейчас имеется все, что мне требовалось, например, название раздела Новости компании, и при этом адрес вида /news/ а не category/02.html как раньше .. ну и много надо описывать, ставьте тестируйте, я думаю вам данная система очень понравится.

Отдельное слово интеграция с vB. В этом направлении сделаны большие шаги, но толком с ней поработать пока не получилось, отпишу позднее. Из минусов, опять готовиться к работе с шаблонами.. =)
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