Увеличение PageSpeed Insights

Используйте webp изображения, на вп есть бесплатный конвертер в оф.репозитории
Лучше svg. Где можно использовать вектор, используй вектор.
From my previous and most recent experience google page speed insights is very particular about what it wants you to do and how you should do it - even after making the recommended changes it was unable to use them in there calculations - but with GTMETRIX they appeared immediately and improved pagespeed score from B to A 95% one example is webp image - which we added but for some reason not recognised in Google Pagespeed insights test

Should also mention that one problem i encountered with google page speed insights is that the software you use on your site to say for exampe bundle js needs to be done with the one they suggest
Последнее редактирование модератором:
Подскажите по изображениях, есть сайт, на нем больше 100тис. изображений формата .png, как в конечном результате выводить .svg или .webp