twisted python failure class openssl images not downloading


12 Окт 2018
I have a great scraper which working well for the last 3 years however all of sudden i found it is no longer downloading the images to my local hard drive - just the image url is there in the csv file it generates at the end of the scrape same is with the pdf file,

I checked online and saw some posts and tried doing this did not work still same error showing when scraper runs

from OpenSSL import SSL
from scrapy.core.downloader.contextfactory import ScrapyClientContextFactory

class CustomContextFactory(ScrapyClientContextFactory:(
Custom context factory that allows SSL negotiation.

def __init__(self:(
# Use SSLv23_METHOD so we can use protocol negotiation
self.method = SSL.SSLv23_METHOD

DOWNLOADER_CLIENTCONTEXTFACTORY = 'yourproject.context.CustomContextFactory'

Another thing i tried was update twisted but then i got other errors and the scraper does not work at all
Twisted 20.3.0

my twisted version is 8. and the scraper only seems to work with this version
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