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17 Янв 2013
Обновление 27.6.2013 20:16
В эту тему буду добавлять плагины под Social Engine 4.x

Если есть кому чем поделиться, то всегда пожалуйста!
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Начнём со стандартных плагинов:
Сборка стандартных плагинов для SE 4.3

Video, Pools, Music, Mobi, Chat, Groups, Forum, Events, Classifieds, Blogs, Albums

Платные плагины от Hire-Experts
Core-Module 4.2.0p6

минимальные требования: SE 4.1.8
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Gifts plugin 4.2.1p7 (подарки)
[spoil]Минимальные требования:
  • Social Engine 4.1.8
  • Hire-Experts Core 4.2.0p1 и выше (ссылка на зануленное ядро выше)
  • Hire-Experts Credits Module 4.2.0
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Credits plugin 4.2.7
[spoil]Минимальные требования:
  • Social Engine 4.1.8 и выше
  • Hire-Experts Core 4.2.0p1 и выше (ссылка на зануленное ядро выше)
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Touch-Mobile plugin 4.2.0p3
Минимальные требования:
  • Social Engine 4.1.8 (тестировал на 4.3.0 - работает)
  • Hire-Experts Core 4.2.0p5 и выше (ссылка на зануленное ядро выше)
Описание на англ.
[spoil]Mobile social networking is a fast growing social media trend. More and more people use smartphones not only to check messages or posts on social networks but also to participate in events, discussions, upload photos, videos and generate other stuff.

Touch-Mobile and Touch-Tablet plugins are intended to provide rich for features and highly convenience social experience in smartphones and tablets.

Touch-Mobile plugin brings specially adapted features and beautiful interfaces for smartphones: iPhone, Android, etc. It makes easy to browse photos, videos and any other content, join and participate in events, groups, pages, post messages, wall posts or chat with members. Each page and form is designed specially for mobile devices - larger buttons and inputs, easy navigation which is always at hand and awesome animation effects. Using rich for features and easy in use Touch-Mobile plugin, you can increase members interaction and engagement, content generation and page views from smartphones.

Use the best solution on the market - get Touch-Mobile and Touch-Tablet plugins to make the mobile platform the key to success of your social network.

Touch-Mobile plugin features:

  • Beautiful Interfaces. Attractive look, simple navigation and user friendly interfaces intend members to use your site via mobile devices more often than you expect.
  • Optimized for Smartphones. It takes all advantages of AJAX technology & browser caching - it does not load your site Header/Footer all time, it just refreshes site body; Dashboard is loaded only one time per session - all these things help to reduce mobile traffic and provides more convenience for your members.
  • Menu Editor. You can control which menu items(links) should be shown on Dashboard, Main Menu, Footer Menu, Albums Main Menu, Blog Main Menu, etc.
  • Themes. The plugin includes 5 standard themes: Default, Sky Blue, Gray, Clean and Pink Box. You can change themes from admin panel in one click. Also you can customize themes using the theme editor. It doesn't contain any other themes so please contact the theme provider to make sure that they have special integration with Touch-Mobile plugin.
  • Simple Navigation. It is very quick and easy to navigate through site using menu navigation which is always at hand. It contains all basic links(Home, Search, Members, Contact Us, etc) and applications/plugins(Albums, Blogs, Events, Offers, Pages, etc) separated by sections.
  • Social Interaction. It has all basic social features:
    • sign in & sign up forms;
    • share - allows to share various content or posts to own wall;
    • comment - allows to leave comments on various pages: photo, video, etc;
    • notifications and requests - easy to access, and act accordingly - confirm friendship, join event, etc.;
    • browse members - search by name and request friendship instantly;
    • view profiles - details, members stuff(photos, videos, etc), feed, request friendship, like and so on;
    • edit profile page where you can edit personal information and upload thumbnail for profile;
    • general settings allows to edit email address, timezone, link facebook or twitter account, etc;
    • edit privacy - view & edit;
    • notifications - view & edit;
    • networks - view & edit;
    • change password;
    • delete account with confirmation;
    • forgot password form to restore password;
  • Messages. Allows to view Inbox, Sent Message, compose new messages, read and reply to received messages.
  • Search. Instant search which is available in Navigation Menu. It allows to search the entire site by keywords: members, albums, blogs, events, groups, etc;
  • Wall / Activity Feed. Beautiful and awesome ajax feed, like you have on standard site using Wall plugin, supports:
    • auto-loading activity;
    • viewing photos directly on wall;
    • likes & comments in wall posts;
    • posting status updates;
    • uploading photos;
    • uploading youtube/vimeo videos;
    • posting interesting links;
    • sharing location(check-in);
    • friends tagging;
    • set privacy for wall posts;
    • share/hide/report posts;
    • browse feed by lists: most recent, friends, pages, photos, videos, etc;
    • posting questions(polls);
    You need to have installed installed our Wall plugin for this features.
  • Mobile Caching is one of great features of HTML5 which is supported by most of modern mobile devices. It uses Storage API to save viewed pages in browser cache, so when you open these pages it takes them from offline cache instantly. It automatically checks if the page out-dated and synchronize cache in the background.
  • Home Screen Icon. Visitors have an option to add icon of your site to their mobile device's home screen, so it is enough to click on this icon on device's screen and it opens your site. You can upload logo which is automatically worked: glossy, corner rounding and shadow effect. It works only for iPad and Android based devices.
  • Mobile Statistics. Now you can check and compare statistics of mobile and standard site:
  • page views;
  • sign ups;
  • sign-ins;
  • friendships;
  • private messages;
  • likes;
  • comments;
Supported Plugins and Features:

  • Advanced Questions. Allows members to ask questions and create polls to get get fast, short-form replies or votes, it replaces standard Polls plugin. Features: browse and search questions, ask questions by posting them directly to wall, view question details and vote, follow questions, comments and likes. Requires Advanced Questions plugin.
  • Albums. Supported features: browse and search albums, stylish photo viewer(slideshow) to view photos(auto-resizes according to mobile device screen, pinch to zoom, swipe to the left or to the right to browse), create and edit photo albums, upload multiple photos per time, leave comments and like/unlike. Requires Photo Albums plugin.
  • Articles. Features: create and publish articles, read and comment articles. Requires Articles plugin from Radcodes.
  • Blogs. Features: browse and search blog entries, post and edit blog posts, read blog posts, comment and like/unlike. Requires Blogs plugin.
  • Badges. Features: browse popular, recently created and friends badges, view next badges(which member can earn easily according to its activity on your site), view badge page and its details, requirements and members who have already received this badge. Requires Badges plugin.
  • Chat & IM. Allows members to join chat rooms for live group chats, or view online members in chat and chat with them privately. It supports turning on and off chat, anchored IM bar, chat rooms, notifications about new messages. Requires Chat & IM plugin.
  • Check-In / Share Location. Allows members to share their location while sharing posts. Features: easily check-in via mobile devices and share where they are now, tag friends, upload photos from the place, etc. Requires Check-In plugin.
  • Classifieds. Features: browse and search listings, view details, leave comments and share to own wall, posting new listing, editing listing details and adding photos. Requires Classifieds plugin.
  • Credits. Features: top members listing, view own credits balance(earned, spent, balance), transactions list, details FAQ about what is credits, how to earn & spend, activities list with details(credits, max credits, rollower period). Requires Credits plugin.
  • Events. Allows members to participate in existing events - browse upcoming events, join and set up wished status (attending, maybe or not attending), view event details, photos and posting to the wall, comments. all the more it allows to create events and edit own events. Requires Events plugin.
  • Forum. Members can participate in discussions and share ideas, it allows: browse and view topics and posts, post new topics, watch topics, post replies and quote posts, edit topics and posts, delete, etc. Requires Forums plugin.
  • Gifts. Allows to send greeting gifts to friends. Features: browse and search virtual gifts, view received and sent gifts, create new personal gifts - photo, audio or video gifts. Requires Gifts plugin.
  • Groups. Features: browse and search groups, join and participate in a group, view the group details, post to the group wall, share the group, view the group members, photos and events, manage and edit own groups. Requires Groups plugin.
  • Invite. Allows to import contacts from popular email services and invite friends from largest social networks to visit your site and sign up. Features: supports email services(Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live/Hotmail) and social networks(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Lastfm, Foursquare), invite friends by typing their email addresses & message. Requires Friends Inviter plugin.
  • Likes. Features: nice like button on member, event, group and page profiles, natively integrated with Core likes, available widgets are `Members Like This` and `Likes`. Requires free Likes plugin.
  • Music. Features: browse and search playlists, view playlists details, leave comments and like, play music(can be played in HTML5-Audio supported mobile browsers). Requires Music Sharing plugin.
  • Offers & Coupons. Allows members to get discount coupons or offers in exchange of their activity or money or just for free. It is great use the accepted offers via mobile device - you can just take and show your coupon in the venue(restaurant, shop, spa salon, etc). Features: browse and search upcoming offers & past offers, view accepted offers, read offer details and requirements, like and comment, share and email the offer, read and leave reviews, subscribe and view subscribers and participants. Requires Offers & Coupons plugin.
  • Pages. Touch-Mobile plugin is seamlessly and deeply integrated with Pages(Business Directory) plugin. It includes the following features: browse and search pages, view page information, location in map and team members, posted links, staff members, participate by posting wall-posts, like, leave comments, etc.
    The plugin supports the following extensions of Pages plugin family:
    • Albums - create albums, upload photos and view photos in slideshow;
    • Blogs - browse and post blogs, read blogs, comment and like/unlike blogs;
    • Documents - browse, post and view documents;
    • Discussions - view topics; post a new topic; watch, make sticky, close, rename and delete topics, read posts and leave reply;
    • Events - create events, invite friends and participate in event;
    • FAQ - create frequently asked questions with answers, view faq;
    • Music - browse, play and comment music playlists;
    • Contact - displays contact form;
    • Videos - submit videos, play and comment videos;
    • Store - view posted products, create and edit product;
    • Offers - view page offers, create new offers and edit offers details;
    Requires Pages plugin
  • Rates & Reviews. Features: rate members, events, groups, blog and classifieds, leave reviews in pages, offers with message & rating. Requires Rates plugin.
  • Polls. Features: browse and search polls, view and vote in polls. Requires Polls plugin.
  • Store. Allows to sale products and service online. Features: browse stores, view store products or just browse and search products, view a product page including its information, rating, photos, audios and videos, add the product to wishlist, select the product options(color, size, etc) and add to cart, adding multiple products to cart, purchasing using PayPal account or credits, manage products in pages(create, edit details and delete), view FAQ. Requires Store plugin.
  • Suggestions/Recommendations. Features: suggest members, photos, videos, events, groups, and many other things to friends using a nice form where member can easily search and select multiple friends, `Recommendations` widget intelligently recommends photos/groups/events/video/pages/etc to members depending on members social graph and popularity of content. Requires Suggestion / Recommendation plugin.
  • Videos. Features: browse and search videos, posting youtube and vimeo videos, play videos via flash player, requires installed Youtube(installed by default) and Vimeo free applications in iPhone/iPod/iPad. Requires Video Sharing plugin.
  • Many Other Features:
    • Mobile device auto-detection;
    • Loading activity on scroll down;
    • `Published from mobile` icon displayed in wall posts;
    • Option to delete own actions, blogs, events, etc;
    • Administrator is allowed to moderate and delete albums, blogs, events, etc;
    • Enable / disable components and forms in layouts via admin panel;
    • Allows to set Touch site by default;
    • Allows to set site logo for Mobile site;
    • Contact Us form;
    • Privacy page;
    • Terms of Use page;

Дополнительные плагины
Плагин обновлений в Instagram 4.3.0

[spoil]Минимальные требования:
  • SocialEngine 4.2.6 - 4.5.0 (на других версиях не тестировано!)
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Искал тут на днях SE 4.5.0 Null, не нашел, может плохо искал конечно, но по моему нету.

Вот решил выложить, в нете местами лежит уже, хотя тоже пришлось поискать.

Русский язык уже лежит где надо, если не нужен - просто удалите или в админке отключите.

Тут не получается залить, потому залью на DF, кому надо говорите, залью на другие обменники.

Пасс стандартный
а модуль для мобильной сети есть?
Да есть, вот все модули 4.5.0

есть и для более старые, как проверю которые подходят на 4.5.0, тоже выложу

в архиве следующее - albums, blogs, chat, classifieds, events, forum, groups, mobi, music, polls, video - все 4.5.0

описание на делаю, думаю не сложно в нете найти, да и из названия видно что за модули


BigPirat - модуль mobi как раз для мобильной версии, кстати мне очень понравился
ОБНОВЛЕНО 3. октября 2013

Смотрел, что выкладывают нуленную версию 4.5.0 и решил обрадывать людишек тем, что вышла версия 4.6.0.

что нового? Читать тут
Improvements in SocialEngine PHP 4.6:
  • Fixes the photo upload bypass bug which has made some sites vulnerable to spamming
  • Fixes the problems caused sometimes by enabling gzip compression
  • Uses English as a fallback on email translations to avoid breaking user sign ups when some critical strings are missing
  • Better notifications for event invitations and approvals
  • Fixes bug where announcements to networks that have no members get shown to other members
  • Fixes bug where [object_link] placeholder in the Friend Request email template doesn’t work properly
  • Better CSS3 support in stock themes (replacing old browser-specific properties)
  • Fixes line breaks messing up the “view more” feature in feed posts
  • Fixes broken drop-down menu on admin’s Create Network page
  • Fixes hidden albums appearing in photo widgets
  • Fixes bug where possible values for dependent profile questions appear in the wrong order
  • Fixes poorly formatted table on admin’s Manage Announcements page
  • Various other fixes for the announcement module
  • Fixes problems with the signup flow handling email addresses improperly
  • Fixes terms of service field breaking when a </p> tag is added
  • Fixes uploaded video aspect ratios not being properly retained
  • Various frontend and UX improvements
  • Various minor performance enhancements
  • Improvements to CSV language translation performance
  • Improvement to the optimization for the likes feature (added in 4.5), reducing worst-case query load from 25 to 1 compared to SE PHP 4.3
  • Removing purposeless warnings that fill up the error log.

Для установки нужна версия 4.5 так как это всего, навсего UPGRADE.
Ставте поверх 4.5 и радуйтесь!
Версия полностью зануленная! Никаких callbackов!!!
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Чистая версия SE 4.5 зануленная

Стандартные плагины зануленные
Video, Pools, Music, Mobi, Chat, Groups, Forum, Events, Classifieds, Blogs, Albums

чистый Апгрейд с 4.5 на 4.6 зануленный!

А вот чистый уснатовочный нулл 4.6
Последнее редактирование:
Store plugin 4.2.5p4 (нуленная) ОБНОВИЛ 17.10.2014
описание на англ.
Store is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your SocialEngine powered social network. This plugins lets members to buy your products and services online. Also your members can open own online store on your site, advertise products throughout social network and sell products to other members.

We bring together all kinds of awesomeness to make e-commerce better for you. Earn money by selling products and store advertisements. Get your store up and running quickly and easily what you make more money.

Store plugin features:

Easy and Flexible Management Store interface has been meticulously crafted to balance simplicity with flexibility, intuitively scaling to suit more complex needs.

SEO friendly. Product and category names, tags and store locations set page url, plus lots of under the hood search engine optimizations make sure site is more easily found.

Categories and Fields. You're allowed to create product categories like Mobile Devices, Musical Instruments, Cars, etc. And each category has own fields which provide flexible description for your products.

Create Product. It provides simple and flexible options for products which will fit your requirements:
  • Category. Allows you to categorize your product and specify particular information.
  • HTML description. Allows you to describe product using simple TinyMCE editor.
  • Preview Photos. You can upload preview photos of your product which are shown in a showy slider.
  • Preview Video. You can upload preview video(Youtube and Vimeo) of your product which can be played by potential buyers on product page.
  • Preview Audio Files. You can upload preview audio files of your product, for example, preview and/or introduction tracks of album, etc.
  • Tags. Each product can be tagged and easily found by members via tag clouds widgets.
  • Discounts. Allows to set special(discounted) price for products which allows to attract more customers, old price is crossed out.
  • Attributes(Color, Size). Sellers is allowed to add custom attributes for products, if the product has options which should be selected by customer on purchase, such as: Size(Small, Medium, Large), Color(White, Black, Blue, Green), etc. It works perfectly for t-shirts, shoes, etc.
  • Quantity. Now you can set quantity of products which are available for sale. This quantity is displayed for members and automatically calculated on each sale of the product.
Скачать тут:

пароль к архиву Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся
Последнее редактирование:
Разобрался, дело было из-за плохого русифицированного релиза который тут Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся

Поставил не русифицированную nulled версию.

Я же не просто так выложил нулл 4.5.
Могу дать совет. Если хотите сделать нормальный сайт. Не пользуйтесь сборками. Потому что там криворукость людей, которые эту сборку лепили на высоком уровне. И вам потом не разгребсти это гамно.

Плагины, модификации, локализации можно очень просто и самому поставить без знаний программных языков. И не поверите, но получится у вас лучше чем в сборке которую вы скачали и установили.
Что касается модов для мобильной соц сети, хочу еще добавить что мод module-mobi пойдет для любых браузеров, даже самых старых мобильных опер и прочих джава браузеров

Touch-Mobile более навороченый мод, получается довольно полноценный мобильный сайт, куча настроек, однако он подходит для смартфонов и коммуникаторов, в джава браузерах он будет выдавать ошибку (во всяком случае на нескольких старых сотках проверял)
Younetco - Advanced Mp3 Music v4.03 (самый новый и нуленный)

Advanced Mp3 Music is developed as a real music application that is suitable for music social networking platforms using SocialEngine.
Highlight Features:

Flash player in Music Home
Default playlist setting for each user to be shown in User Profile
Zoom In/Zoom Out flash player in User Profile
Song rating
Multiple music category
Multiple artist category
Top Playlists, Top Songs, Top Downloads
Album: Top Albums, New Albums with cover picture
Top Singers
Advanced music search: Album, Song, Signer, Artist, Playlist, Author
Song detail: Song name, download, format, sender/uploader
Fancy flash player pop out with: HTML code, forum code, Add to playlist, send message to user, show lyrics of song
Upload music by URL option
User Setting:

Default playlist setting
Enable/Disable download songs
Public/private playlist setting to public (Music Home)
Administration/Music Setting

Music category, artist category, singer category management
Song management
Administration/User Level

Enable/Disable download
Maximum Allowed Songs
Allowed MIME Types
Allowed Storage Space
Maximum Filesize
Maximum numbers of allowed playlist
Download setting: There are 2 levels of setting:

User: User can set Enable/Disable download of each song he/she uploads
Admin: Admin can set Enable/Disable download of the whole music songs


Это не автоматическая установка, автоматической нет вообще. По этому смотрим архив. Есть вайл .tar он устанавливается стандартно через админку.