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20 Июн 2007

EZ Realty version 4.2.3 is now available, and it's a small bug-fix release with some improvements to the Google mapping system - to enable the auto-display of property maps upon page load. The new, random and featured property listing modules have also had some minor tweaks to the code to improve the auto-alignment of pop-up images, and there is also a new multiple featured listings module - which allows you to list multiple featured property listings - rather than the one detailed featured property listing with the original module.

EZ Realty is a simple real estate component for Mambo/Joomla! content management systems, and its huge list of features is all very configurable via the admin backend. Features include:-
Category support
Secondary categorization for search purposes etc
WYSIWYG editor support for full property descriptions
Configurable image/thumbnail widths to fit your template width
Javascript roll-over image previews for a slick presentation
Thumbnail previews will also open up to full image size in a new window.
Recommend property to friend
Request property inspection
Print property details
CSS support
Javascript roll-over box colours
Multiple ways to upload your images
Full language support
Show off your sales prowess - assign "sold" and "contract" buttons to property listings rather than just unpublishing them.
Easy link to mapping services
Powerful search functions
Additional bonus modules include:- featured property, newest property listings, random property, mortgage calculator and loan calculator.
Comes with a stylish navy blue, silver and grey Mambo/Joomla! site template.
Alternative front-end "view property details" page that groups all images together, rather than separating property/floorplan images.
Configurable search feature
SEF-friendly url's and many more features.

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Сам ещё не тестировал.
Кто-то проверял его на стучалки?
Ищу новую версию, если есть у кого в долгу не останусь
Уже есть релиз для клуба... Ждите..Возможно скоро будет в паблике
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