Платные модули и плагины для EE

Под 3 версию из топовых модулей что-то есть? :)
Пока под 2 версию :)
NSM .htaccess Generator 1.1.6


  • NSM_htaccess_generator_1.1.6.zip
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Does someone have Reefine version 1.6,

and Channel Polls 2.7.5a too

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Hi Starjockey, yes I have the last Zenbu!!

here it is,

regards !!


  • Zenbu_v1.9.4_20150831.zip
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Release Date: October 26, 2015

  • Fixed a bug (#21191) where creating a layout for a channel without categories misbehaved.
  • Fixed a bug (#21191) where moving a field into a new tab caused it’s hidden tool to malfunction.
  • Fixed a bug (#21196) where Core would report a PHP Notice when editing the profile of a member.
  • Fixed a bug (#21199) where 404 pages were not seting a 404 header.
  • Fixed a bug (#21199) where the “+ New Upload Directory” link resulted in a 404.
  • Fixed a bug (#21204) where certain versions of PHP could not determine empty of a function.
  • Fixed a bug (#21205) where the Filepicker wouldn’t play nice with Core.
  • Fixed a bug (#21206) where disabling comments still displayed comment data on the Overview page.
  • Fixed a bug (#21213) where turning on “Save Templates as Files” was a little overprotective and rewrote the index template with “Directory access is forbidden.”
  • Fixed a bug (#21218) where Quick Links were permanent.
  • Fixed a bug (#21219) where the template manager was too eager about keeping templates in sync across all sites instead of the current site.
  • Fixed a bug (#21220) where moving a required field to a new tab removed the required class.
  • Fixed a bug (#21221) where accessing the templates model during a session_start hook threw an exception.
  • Fixed a bug (#21224) where PHP would sometimes generate a warning when it tried to delete a file.
  • Fixed a bug (#21231) where members were being denied access to add-ons they had access to.
  • Fixed a bug (#21233) where an empty line in the spam module caused PHP errors.
  • Fixed a bug (#21233) where running apc_delete_file sometimes generated a warning.
  • Fixed a bug (#21235) where static template route segments were not being included when using {route=...}
  • Fixed a bug where creating a second layout for a channel would result in an Exception.
  • Fixed a bug where adding and saving an empty tab to a channel layout prevented futher editing of the tab.
  • Fixed a bug where alerts were not being displayed while creating a layout and preforming unallowed actions.
  • Fixed a bug where a required field could be dropped into a hidden tab.
  • Fixed a bug where dismissing alerts on the Create/Edit Form Layout page refreshed the page.
  • Fixed a bug where the thumbnail view of the filepicker was not responsive.
  • Add-ons are no longer “Removed”, they are “Uninstalled”.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘yes’ and ‘no’ weren’t localizable. Lo siento.
  • Removed CSS that forced capitalization on .choice
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У кого-то есть Low Variables 2.4.2+ ?