New Subdreamer Skin - "Tint"


24 Апр 2007
New Subdreamer Skin - "Tint"

"Tint" is a fairly lightweight skin which comes with three different layout options, strong social media capabilities as well as a responsive design approach which means that it is the first Subdreamer skin available which is able to adjust the presentation of the contents perfectly for any device no matter if it's a desktop pc screen, a tablet or a smartphone. The design is minimal, the source code clean and well documented and so the all new "Tint" skin can be used as it is or as a starting point to customize it to your needs!
Responsive Screen Size

Tint" is the first Subdreamer skin so far which uses a responsive design approach and adapts perfectly to screen sizes of desktop pcs, tablets and smartphones alike.
It was never this easy to offer true mobile capability to your visitors without the need to create a dedicated mobile website first. Use it as is or developers can use it as a framework to develop their own responsive skins.
Minimal Design

The design of this skin is simple and minimal, so it should be a suitable choice for a wide variety of purposes.
In addition to that, it has been coded in clean XHTML and CSS3 to make sure customization remains simple.
Dynamic Slideshow

A slideshow is an excellent way to highlight important articles, products or information in general.
This skin includes a dynamic slideshow which can be easily customized in order to share important contents with your audience in a suitable way.
Focus on Social Media

Social media is getting more and more important these days.
Because of that, this new skin offers many ways to connect with your audience efficiently — your contact details, links to social media profiles and a working Twitter stream are powerful tools to achieve this accordingly.


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*Не забываем говорить "Спасибо"
Отличный скин, только слайдер редактировать неудобно, но в целом доволен. Приближаемся к джумле )))

Ну вот, опять проблема.... Как в нем сделать выпадающее меню? Я что-то в тройке еще не очень разобрался