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8 Дек 2015
Ищу модуль: Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Версия модуля: 4.*.*
Модуль для глубокой интеграции Google аналитики, который позволяет подробно отслеживать конверсии в магазине:

Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is developed with the latest Google script gtag.js, get the latest tracking technology and handle it all with only one module.

Better tracking better decisions:
With Enhanced Ecommerce reports is possible to analyze the customer behaviour on the whole site as checkout process, which categories or products have more cart intentions and a long etc.. This critical data helps to make better decisions to achieve more conversions.

Clean reports:
Exclude internal tracking avoids to track the visits from employes, this guarantee that reports are only generated by the real customers.

Improve Remarketing:
Create specific audiences to reach potential customers and display customized ads to make a better impact and improve the ads conversions.

Test experiments:
Google Optimize allows create powerful A/B experiments in a few clicks to test different page versions with your customers, check these results on Google Analytics and verify which version gives better results for your business.

Wide compatibility:
All tracking modules depends on theme structure, this module includes specific compatibility for the most popular one page checkout modules.
  • One Page Checkout For Prestashop
  • One Page Checkout PS
  • Knowband One Page Checkout
  • Responsive One Step Checkout by BestKit
  • Klarna Checkout

Report Aborted Transactions
If a customer have some AdBlock that blocks transactions, the module will send an event by PHP to add on GA reports that a transaction has been aborted by an AdBlock or by browser option "Do Not Track".

Don't Lose a Transaction:
If for some reason an order has not been sent to GA the module can recover the transaction to GA respecting the source / medium and the GA client ID. This recovery can be done in 2 ways:
  • When changing the order status.
  • With the manual button "Force Send To GA" found in the order form in the new tab "Tracking status"

Compliant with privacy policies:
This module include all fetures to comply with the latest privacy law EU GDPR.
  • Don’t save sensible data
  • Anonymize IP
  • Opt-out respecting browser “DoNotTrack” option
На форуме есть версия 3.3.0, но она работает только с Prestashop 1.6
Разыскивается версия для престы 1.7

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