Обсуждение Magento 2 PWA

Планируете ли Вы внедрять PWA в свой проект?

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From all the demos I have tested so far i find most features out of box and updated regularly is ScandiPWA however having chat in length with several extension developer companies including Amasty I think it will be atleast 12 more months before we see more extensions being available - most of these companies tend to have a sister company which deals with hosting and customization and they will always forward you them but it's very expensive compared to normal magento 2 hosting one company quoted me $30,000 for the basic pack which means they host install and setup your Magento PWA site with limited cusomtization But then you have to pay more for further custmization.

I saw several sites of there clients and was not really impressed in terms of design and functionality and when I tested in Google Page Insights and GTMETRIX there results were very very poor, when I asked them about it they could not tell me exactly why all of there clients sites rated so badly. Yes you will get fast loading site but at what price and SEO impact - a fast loading site but not liked by search engines esp google!

Then if you have cusomtization done which most users will need because PWA Storefront are very basic, each time there are Magento and PWA updates for example you will need to test functionality each time and do further customization updates on even basic things like sliders and menus which normally would be done by a magento theme company - i really wanted to go ahead with PWA site but for now I dont think it is within my budget. Unless you have great programming knowledge and able to keep on top with the updates.

What I dont understand or not found are the long established Magento Theme companies offering there own PWA options which for most people would be best and cost effective option - after this they only need to update any third party extensions they use when they are updated by the developers.
I think PWA is still as a playing field, where some companies are playing and looking for opportunity. However scandiweb did a good job so far, as I can see most Magento functionalities are working.

Regarding SEO concern, I think SSR(server side rendering) plays crucial role here. Again Scandiweb add this feature in their stack.