Плагин JCH Optimize

JCH Optimize Pro v6.2.0

  • Improvements: Dynamic CSS Selectors will add CSS to critical CSS even if Remove Unused CSS is disabled.
  • Improvements: In the Http/2 push feature, the plugin will now only push woff files or woff2 files instead if present. This avoids pushing font files that are not being used.
  • New Feature: Added settings to Lazy-load background images and Audio and Video elements. Pro Version
  • New Feature: Added settings to add files loaded over CDN to the Link header, and to exclude files in the Http/2 Push feature. Pro Version
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
it is really good extention but you have to be careful about the settings! doing it wrong make it really messy and heavy for your server! you will get big cache folder if your javascripts or Css have wrong string on it
есть у кого JCH Optimize Pro v6.2.1 ?
6.2.0 ***но ошибка 500 хз
JCH Optimize Pro v6.2.1
  • Bug Fix: Some sites using PageBuilder were seeing css incorrected rendered.
  • Bug Fix: All images in srcset attributes were not loaded by CDN on some sites.
  • Bug Fix: Too many backgrounnd images loaded y http/2 when Optimize CSS Delivery feature is disabled. Can cause trouble with loading of site.
  • Improvement: No longer removing font-face from combined css when Optimize CSS Delivery is enabled as only the font-face used above the fold is included in critical css.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
JCH Optimize Pro v6.3.1
Changelog в Version 6.3.1:
  • Improvements: A slightly better layout (hopefully) of the settings page since the last release.
Changelog в Version 6.3.0
  • New Feature: Basic settings for Http2 feature now available in Free Version.
  • New Feature: Optimize Google Fonts feature to speed up loading of Google Fonts Pro Version
  • New Feature: Ability to add files to the Http2 Push if critical files are being loaded dynamically so cannot normally be accessed by the plugin. Pro Version
  • New Feature: Added preconnect resource hints settings for CDN domains.
  • Improvements: Improved method to generate key hash for Optimize CSS Delivery to avoid incorrect critical CSS being loaded on page, so improving Cumulative layout shift across pages.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
6я версия у меня рвет сайт, поделитесь последней 5й, затерялась копия моя