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второе пришествие
3 Сен 2006
автор Нулла @IAF

что нового:

This is a maintenance release to fix common issues reported in 4.1.4. Some specifics include:

  • Memcache issues
  • Errors when issuing a warning
  • Errors when editing members
  • Default sort order in containers not honored
  • PHP error when submitting a new file in Downloads
Additional Information

An XSS (Cross site scripting) issue was discovered with private message titles that has been resolved in this release.

An issue where content titles (such as topic titles) from private forums may be exposed under certain search conditions and has been patched in this release.


This is a maintenance release which resolves some issues reported since the release of 4.1.5. Specifically:

  • Emails may not send correctly, or may send to the wrong person
  • Some activity streams may be slow
  • Searching tags may be slow
  • Some applications may not be available to upgrade when you initially visit the upgrader
  • Other general slowness may be noticed
We strongly advise that all 4.1.5 clients upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

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