Компонент iCagenda

iCagenda Pro v3.7.10

  • + Added : Prefixe for Search in registrations admin list. EVENTID: to search for an event ID.
  • + Added : Missing no results message for Search in admin events list.
  • + [GLOBALIZATION] Added : zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) date formats.
  • + [MODULE] Added : Chinese languages zh-CN and zh-TW as year before month used for date display of the calendar header.
  • ~ Changed : Removed not needed max-width CSS applied on module calendar for ic_rounded theme
iCagenda Pro v3.7.11
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iCagenda 3.7.11 (2019.12.19)
  • ~ [THEME] Changed : Remove css max-height for image in event details view
  • # [LOW] Fixed : missing alt text for images.
    Changed files in 3.7.11
  • ~ [LIBRARY] libraries/ic_library/thumb/get.php
  • ~ [THEME] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component.css
  • ~ [THEME] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component.css
Народ, подскажите:
Возможно ли добавлять в event-ы пользователям с фронта? или только из админки можно добавить мероприятие?
Заранее благодарю
А подскажите как активировать во фронте возможность добавлять события пользователями? Не могу найти никак (((
Вышла версия 3.7.12. Поделитесь
iCagenda Pro v3.7.12
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iCagenda 3.7.12 (2020.03.28)
  • Added : Event cancellation feature to inform your visitors of events cancelled.
  • Added : Possibility to create custom language constants (Language Overrides) for translation of custom fields (Label and value).
  • Added : Falang custom fields element content xml files (version 2.0).
  • [LOW] Fixed : Participants access view for organizers.
  • [LOW] Fixed : JCE image input width.
  • [LOW] Fixed : Event Title "h" tag in default theme for event details view.
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iCagenda Pro v3.7.13
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iCagenda 3.7.13 (2020.04.02)
  • Added : custom Cancelled label options (text + style).
  • [LOW] Fixed : module language missing string.
  • [LOW] Fixed : missing redirection on Registration form if closed.
  • [LOW][PLUGIN] Fixed : search routing on multilanguages site.
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Может есть v.3.7.15?
iCagenda Pro v3.7.15

iCagenda 3.7.15 (2020.08.29)
  • # [LOW] Fixed : Missing default utf-8 title formatting if no option set.
  • # [LOW] Fixed : Category filter interaction with module list.
  • # [LOW] Fixed : Add next date control in admin list and event view.
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