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Guys, I'm looking for tpl 4018. Somebody have it?
New Vivvo Templates

Has anyone any of the new templates for Vivvo 4.3?? or know where to find some?
Did someone , who use "nulled" version 403 ever read HTML of RSS and Atom pages ?

does anyone have smf bridge for vivvo

Vivvo 4.0.3 Developer final full release nulled

Or so it says, I found this on a search engine and wanted to see if anyone here could tell me if it was really nulled or not before I try it. The 4020 and 4021 templates and the new Plugins are inside the rar and listed below.
I have no idea if it really is nulled. The new plugins are:

- NEW geoposition article mapping from google maps.
- NEW image browser
- NEW mobile pda connect through cell phones
- video box for you tube and uploaded videos for articles
- vb users integration
- site map
- NEW mobile phone and article list generator
- NEW ads banner manager.
and a lot of older plugins and templates
Can someone download it and let me know if it is really nulled and safe to try. I don't know how to upload here so if it is quicker let me know and I'll give it a try.

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  • 4021_tpl-scriptmafia.rar
    219,5 KB · Просмотры: 39
What is the password for RS archive?
Getting error

Getting this error while trying to search archive
Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::free() in /web/home/.../html/lib/vivvo/box/vivvo_box.php on line 721

Any ideas how to fix it?
Why you copying my vivvo for ? And all my tpls.....

Thanks Glow2004
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