Avatar Chat


8 Май 2007

Version: 3.0.0

* World Environment - Users can explore multiple environments including The Beach, The Club, The Coffee Bar, The Park and The Alley (additional public rooms can be created by admin users, there are no limits on the amount of additional rooms that can be created).
* Avatar Creator - Fully customisable avatars. Users can choose hair styles, skin colors, eyes, tops, bottoms, accessories and much more!
* Virtual Shop - The Avatar Chat includes its own virtual shop where users can exchange credits for avatar items, private room backgrounds, etc.
o Members can purchase additional credits via Paypal.
o Admins can add/edit/delete shop items, set individual prices for each shop item, set items as 'featured' (featured items appear first in the shop listings) and much more!
* Credits System - Users can earn credits by doing activities,
o Logging into the Avatar Chat daily.
o Referring their friends.
o Visiting members profiles daily.
o Sending Hearts, Thumbs Up and Stars to other users.
o Users can also transfer their credits to other members.
* Multi-Payments - Users can choose to pay for upgrades by Paypal or Credits
* Ice Breakers (Rating System) - Users can send each other Hearts, Thumbs Up and/or Star Points to each other.
* Custom Interactions - 33 customisable interactions allow users to poke, flick and throws things at each other!
* Keyboard Movement - Press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your avatar character around the avatar chat virtual world.
* Multi-Level Memberships - Allows both free memberships and paid memberships. Choose from Guest, Basic Member, VIP Members and Admins. Guests can choose their own name on login.
* Friends List (IM) - All users can add friends to their friends list. All friend requests require user approval before the friend is added. Friends lists include an online/offline status so you can see where your friends are at a glance. Send mail messages from your friends list and instant chat anywhere even if your not in the same room!
* Private Rooms - All users have their own private rooms which can be fully customised. Edit backgrounds, add live audio streams (via embedded music players in web pages, eg. Shoutcast, WMP, etc) and choose who enters the room (friends only or anyone). Includes additional admin options so each user can admin their own room.
* Internal Mail System - Users can send mail messages to each other via an internal private mail system. Messages are automatically saved in a users inbox so users can send messages to each other even when the other user is offline!
* Private Chat - User can chat privately in 121 private chat windows using an easy tabbing system that cant be blocked by popup blockers. Chat window tabs flash orange to alert the user they have a new message waiting.
* Profile System - Includes an inbuilt profile system which allows users to create their own user profiles and upload photos.
* Arcade Games - Includes 10 free single player flash games and admin option for uploading games via the admin control panel.
* Paypal Integration - Admins can assign their own subscription payment rates for VIP memberships and private room packages. Full Paypal IPN integration for automated payments.
* CMS Integration - Easily integrate the Avatar Chat with your own content system in minutes! Integration includes your members existing profiles and auto-login into the Avatar Chat (your users do not need to enter their login details twice to login to the Avatar Chat) - see supported content systems.
* Installation Wizard - Installation made easy! Installs in seconds by following the simple on-screen instructions.
* Admin Control Panel - Full admin control panel gives you complete control for editing/monitoring activities within the Avatar Chat. Admins can also assign moderator logins with limited access for when an admin is not available.

Admin Control Panel (Demo)

* Username: admin
* Password: adminpass
* Login Url: Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся

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Supported Browsers & Minimum Server Requirements:

A php enabled server with 1 MySQL database.
PHP 4.1.0 or above
MySQL 3.22.32 or above

IE8 (and IE7) , Firefox 3.x.x, Opera 9.x, Safari 4.x.x, Google Chrome 3.0.x.x

Javascript must be enabled.

Users do not need to download any client applications or special plugins (eg. java, flash players, etc) as everything is browser based.

We cannot guarantee the Avatar Chat will work in older versions of the browsers listed above. We have tested the software in the previous and current versions of all major browsers only.

Supported Languages:

* English Only

Instantly integrates with the following content systems (CMS:(
It takes just seconds! Integration requires just one additional file and everything is pre-configured. This allows your members to login to the Avatar Chat without the need to enter their login details twice.

* phpFOX 1.6.x
* Social Engine 3.x.x
* vBulletin 3.8.x
* phpBB3
* VLD Personals
* BoonEx - Dolphin 7.x.x

More content systems will follow, please feel free to contact us.

Integration with Custom Databases (for Developers:(
The Avatar Chat will integrate with any custom database. You will need a knowledge of your content system to do this. To integrate the Avatar Chat you need to be able to assign the following values below,
$_SESSION['avatarchat_uid'] = 'your_userid';

$_SESSION['avatarchat_nickname'] = 'your_username';

// GENDER - enter 1 male, 2 female
$_SESSION['avatarchat_gender'] = '1';

// MEMBER LEVEL - enter 1 admin and mods OR 0 regular members
$_SESSION['avatarchat_userlevel'] = '0';

What language was the Avatar Chat written in?

The Avatar Chat is written in HTML DOM, Ajax, PHP & MySQL. To reduce server load and increase performance, the Avatar Chat has been coded more for client side (your PC or MAC) rather than server side (your web server). Therefore, any old or low spec PC's/Mac's may not perform as well as todays technology will.

The Avatar Chat software has also been written to support CSS 3. All browsers that support CSS 3 (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc) will see 'round edge' type screens. However, as IE does not currently support CSS 3, users with the IE browser will see 'square edge' type screens instead.

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Усатновил себе такое. Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся
Вот только из минусов то, что в админкен можно удалять игры но нельзя добавлять. Да и в целом многие настройки желательно перенести в админку. По хорошему скрпит теребует доработки.
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