Помощь Prestashop 1.7.0 and HTTP/2 errors


20 Июл 2015
Hi, I premise that we have a dedicated server with Debian 10.

We have updated Prestashop to version 1.7.0 and PHP to version 7.3.

Everything OK and all the product management modules via API have not given any problem.

A few days ago, CURL was updated to version 7.62.0 on our server.

Since then nothing works anymore and every attempt to access from the outside by our modules returns error HTTP/2 PROTOCOL_ERROR problem (err 1).

I enclose the response of the Plesk service to this problem:


Some older APIs or plugins do not seem to be compatible with the latest HTTP version. The latest version of CURL will use this protocol by default and will fail as a result. This can cause rather confusing behaviour because a script that works on one machine may not necessarily work on another. To maximise compatibility you should ideally specify CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION for curl requests to older servers that do not support CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2TLS.


has anyone had these problems with Prestashop? Are we the only "lucky ones"?

Have any solutions been thought of?

Thank you...