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23 Дек 2019
Backup, restore and transfer any PHP site or application in seconds. Based on the rock-solid Akeeba Backup technology. The easiest way to backup and transfer your PHP applications.
Akeeba Solo requires PHP 5.3.4 or later
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Akeeba Solo 3.0.1


Хранитель порядка
19 Окт 2016
Akeeba Solo Pro 7.1.2
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Akeeba Solo 7.1.2
+ Improved error handling allows reporting PHP fatal errors (only available on sites using PHP 7)
# [LOW] Fixed typos that could create issues with servers using very restrictive security rules
# [LOW] (S)FTP connection test would report "false" instead of the reason of failure
# [LOW] Fixed archive download using the browser under some circustances

Akeeba Solo 7.1.1
~ Possible exception when the user has erroneously put their backup output directory to the site's root with open_basedir restrictions restricting access to its parent folder.
# [MEDIUM] OneDrive for Business is not working at all in Akeeba Solo

Akeeba Solo 7.1.0
+ Automatic security check of the backup output directory
+ Option to change post GUIDs on restoration
+ Yes/No toggles are now colorful instead of plain teal
~ Renamed helper functions
~ Improved storage of temporary data during backup [akeeba/engine#114]
~ Log files now have a .php extension to prevent unauthorized access in very rare cases
~ Enforce the recommended, sensible security measures when using the default backup output directory
~ Ongoing JavaScript refactoring
~ Google Drive: fetch up to 100 shared drives (previously: up to 10)
# [MEDIUM] CloudFiles post-processing engine: Fixed file uploads
# [MEDIUM] Swift post-processing engine: Fixed file uploads
# [LOW] Send by Email reported a successful email sent as a warning
# [LOW] Too many (removed and no longer working) options for site types in the Configuration Wizard.
# [LOW] Extra greater-than sign in the Configuration icon's URL in the Control Panel page
# [LOW] The tooltips visual style was slightly broken
# [LOW] Database dump: foreign keys' (constraints) and local indices' names did not get their prefix replaced like tables, views etc do
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